EU chief tells people NOT to book summer holidays

© Provided by Evoke.ieIt looks like our holiday plans will be put on hold for a bit longer. 
While we thought that we could get the itch to travel scratched this summer, it looks like we’ll be staying put.
European Commission president Ursula von…

Can I still go on holiday to the USA? What the new US travel ban means for you

Donald Trump has announced a suspension of travel[1] from Europe to the United States[2] in an attempt to stem the spread of coronavirus[3].
He said he would now ban travel from all EU countries – with the exception of the UK and Ireland – after blamin…

Avoid the holiday from hell: Top travel tips to consider if you're heading abroad for the October break

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AS the gloomier weather of Autumn hits, many Scots families will be heading abroad for a break during the October school holidays.
Here are some pointers and useful links to make sure you come back from your break wi…