Do YOU want to plan the ‘perfect’ summer break?

Experts reveal it will cost $43,000 and must include at least six barbecues, five beach outings and…

Americans’ top choice holiday destinations include Hawaii, Disney World, the Bahamas and Australia Their favorite activities are going to the beach, water or amusement parks and having barbecues, according to new research The average family will travel nearly 600 miles together over the summer Parents in the West are most likely to take their children overseas, while those based in the Midwest are least likely to travel abroad | 11 View comments Americans claim the ‘perfect’ summer vacation must include at least six barbecues, plenty of beach trips and lots of exotic travel – with favorite destinations including Hawaii, Disney World, the Bahamas and Australia – with the price tag for such a luxury trip ringing in at a whopping $43,000.

According to new research, the total cost of the ideal summer would come to $43,154.87 and must include lots of barbecues and meals out, five trips to the movie theater, five beach outings and two trips abroad.

The research, by deals website Groupon, found that going to the beach is a favorite family activity, followed by a visit to either a water park or amusement park and having a cookout at home