Travellers reveal holiday secrets

04 March 2016 08:07 It’s human nature for holidaymakers to put a positive spin on their trip and win bragging rights by boasting how good it was.

But it seems t he unspoken flip sides of holiday hotspots are now been named and shamed on a social network bulletin board.

Reddit reveals some of the secrets holiday PR executives would rather their customers did not know before ordering their getaway

‘Parisian shopkeepers laughed in my face’: Travellers reveal what they kept SECRET about their holidays on their return

Tourists have shared accounts of their worst holiday experiences online The stories were previously kept secret to make vacation seem perfect Litter problems, sex tourism and mugging experiences all feature | 151 View comments Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to stock up on tales to make friends and family jealous, with many returning from trips boasting a tan and an armload of stories about moonlit beach walks, local markets and mouthwatering breakfasts.

In fact, travellers are often so keen to impress loved ones with their exotic adventures that they gloss over the less attractive aspects of their stays, such as rude locals and dirty tourist attractions.

But seasoned holidaymakers are now sharing some of their worst experiences from specific destinations around the world to warn other tourists who might be planning a visit.

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