Tourist arrivals to Cambodia to fall this year

A woman rests on her tricycle as a tourist walks past at the Basac River bank in Phnom Penh on Aug 16, 2016. (Reuters photo) PHNOM PHEN – International tourist arrivals are expected to fall this year due to the global economic slowdown and this will have a knock-on effect in slowing down growth in the services sector, according to a Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance report.

The growth of the number of international tourist arrivals further slowed down to 2.6% in the first half of 2016, compared to 4.6% in the same period of 2015 and earnings from the tourism sector could possibly be lower given the expected decrease in high-spending tourists from Western Europe and Russia, the Khmer Times 1 on Thursday quoted the Ministry of Economy and Finance report entitled Cambodia Macroeconomic Monitor Mid-Year Assessment 2016 as saying

Tourism Summit 2016: Asia no more a cheaper alternative to Euro trips

1 Asian countries emerge as a major tourist attraction 2 South-East Asian countries now match European holidays 3 Asian countries ready to offer something new and exciting Far from the days of being a relatively cheap holiday destination, Asia is drawing in the big bucks with evolved travellers that are willing to spend for a taste of culture and new experiences.

The emergence of Asian countries as a major attraction was discussed in an eye-opening afternoon session with Vishal Sinha, chief operating officer of TUI Holidays, Naresh Rawal, vice-president of Star Cruises and Arzan Khambatta, head of India, representative office, Macao.