Tourist arrivals to Cambodia to fall this year

A woman rests on her tricycle as a tourist walks past at the Basac River bank in Phnom Penh on Aug 16, 2016. (Reuters photo) PHNOM PHEN – International tourist arrivals are expected to fall this year due to the global economic slowdown and this will have a knock-on effect in slowing down growth in the services sector, according to a Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance report.

The growth of the number of international tourist arrivals further slowed down to 2.6% in the first half of 2016, compared to 4.6% in the same period of 2015 and earnings from the tourism sector could possibly be lower given the expected decrease in high-spending tourists from Western Europe and Russia, the Khmer Times 1 on Thursday quoted the Ministry of Economy and Finance report entitled Cambodia Macroeconomic Monitor Mid-Year Assessment 2016 as saying

Tourism Summit 2016: Asia no more a cheaper alternative to Euro trips

1 Asian countries emerge as a major tourist attraction 2 South-East Asian countries now match European holidays 3 Asian countries ready to offer something new and exciting Far from the days of being a relatively cheap holiday destination, Asia is drawing in the big bucks with evolved travellers that are willing to spend for a taste of culture and new experiences.

The emergence of Asian countries as a major attraction was discussed in an eye-opening afternoon session with Vishal Sinha, chief operating officer of TUI Holidays, Naresh Rawal, vice-president of Star Cruises and Arzan Khambatta, head of India, representative office, Macao.

10 Great Places to Consider on Your Next Trip to Thailand

Over the past decade-and-a-half, Thailand has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in the world 1 and with us Irish set to head east again in record numbers this Summer, we expect a flurry of exotic destinations and all sorts of idyllic, exotic locations to be populating our Facebook and Instagram feeds in the weeks and months ahead, reminding us just how short-lived a scorching hot summer in Ireland really is! The attraction among Irish visitors to Thailand is obvious, with great food, wonderful hospitality and breath-taking scenery, it s a dream destination for those accustomed to the rain and not much spice in our food! The low cost of living means the value you get for your Euro is incredible, but the low prices aren t the only thing that attracts millions of visitors to the Land of Smiles each year.

Thailand has the best of both worlds; the north of the country is land locked and has the most amazing hills and forests, while the to the south lie the picturesque beaches and islands you often see on postcards, in movies and dotted across your social newsfeeds as you scroll with envy; It really is the complete package! Naturally, in such a vast country with so many wonderful destinations to choose from, deciding how best to spend your precious time and hard-earned holiday budget can prove quite difficult! Read on as we take you through on and off the beaten track with some of the best things to do on holiday in Thailand, encompassing some tried and trusted staples along with some of the lesser-known hidden gems dotted throughout The Land of Smiles.

The Splendour of the Grand Palace The Grand Palace, Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the adjacent, mesmerising Wat Po sit atop almost all things to do in Bangkok lists compiled across the net, so let this one be no different as it would be truly remiss not to recommend this breath-taking feat of both modern and ancient Siamese architectures to any first-time visitors to Thailand.