That’s what I call a birthday party!

An unusual celebration featuring Ethiopia’s stunning churches and a dazzling religious festival

Elinor Goodman travelled to rural Ethiopia for a friend’s birthday party She attended Timkat, the orthodox church in the country’s biggest festival The trip also allowed her to see Gelada monkeys in the Simien Mountains | 1 View comments This was the best birthday party ever.

An English friend of mine living in New York celebrated a big birthday by inviting three women friends of a similarly unmentionable age from either side of the Atlantic to the opening of a school high up in the Ethiopian mountains.

En route we would visit the subterranean churches in Lalibela for the biggest festival in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church year: Timkat

From Ethiopia to the Antarctic, the colour-coded graph that maps out top tourist destinations according to their average temperature

Average warmest and coldest temperatures in 48 destinations have been plotted on a handy colour coded chart Places separated into one of five categories which include polar, sub-polar, temperate, subtropical and tropical The hottest was found to be Dallol, Ethiopia, where even during the coldest month temperatures average 30 degrees | 4 View comments Some like it hot on holiday, some a bit chillier and this graph handily illustrates the average warmest and coldest temperatures of 48 destinations, from Ethiopia to the Antarctic.

Drawn by Imgur user Yearlaren 1 , the chart puts the cities and towns into five colour-coded categories polar, sub-polar, temperate, subtropical and tropical.

ILRI vacancy:Post-doctoral Scientist – Economics of Climate …

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) seeks to recruit a Post-doctoral Scientist (Economics of Climate Services), to support a USAID funded project on Climate Services for Africa.

The project is implemented by the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) which is a Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) research program.

The position seeks to improve methodology and strengthen quantitative evidence to guide investments in climate services across Africa.

Ethiopia tourism industry infrastructure development

Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park is one of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country Ethiopian Tourism Organization Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – A small plaque on this tiny deserted hillock deep in the forests of Kaffa, a province in western Ethiopia, bears an inscription in Amharic and English indicating that this is the birthplace of Ethiopia’s gift to the world: Arabica coffee, as locals will also confirm.

The plaque, hidden in the grass of the overgrown vegetation and invasive forest border, symbolises what has long hampered Ethiopia’s tourism industry.

Despite a cultural, historical and linguistic identity quite distinct from the rest of Africa, Ethiopia never became a major tourist destination on the continent.