Couple’s dream Jamaica holiday turned into nightmare after hotel became a building site

David Charlton and Shona Guthrie scrimped to fund their first holiday together to have it ‘ruined’ by hotel maintenance work A COUPLE who dreamt their first holiday 1 together would see them relaxing in luxurious surroundings has said hotel construction work made the reality like having road works outside your front door .

David Charlton and Shona Guthrie, who have been a couple for four years, scrimped and saved to fund their first holiday together in Jamaica 2 .

Norton couple’s luxury holiday to Jamaica turns into a nightmare with ‘deafening drilling’

A couple’s dream trip to Jamaica turned into hell when their hotel became a construction site – with workmen drilling around the resort 12 hours a day.

Phil and Linda Coupe, from Norton, Stoke-on-Trent, were woken at 6.30am by ‘deafening’ drilling on their 2,200 two-week trip to the Caribbean island.

The noise – which was part of scheduled maintenance work they weren’t made aware of – affected every part of the ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios hotel where they were staying