The scars of war on Lebanon’s Holiday Inn

A symbol of cosmopolitan prewar Beirut, the derelict Holiday Inn now stands incongruously beside the glitzy downtown Photo courtesy of Jad el-Khoury Beirut – In the early hours of the morning, Lebanese artist Jad El Khoury, who goes by the name Potato Nose, entered the carcass of Beirut’s abandoned Holiday Inn through the military base that now occupies the ground floor.

He climbed the 26 flights of narrow service stairs, then descended down the side of the building on ropes.

jad el khoury adds colorful doodles to beirut’s scars of war

dec 28, 2015 jad el khoury adds colorful doodles to beirut’s scars of war jad el khoury adds colorful doodles to beirut s scars of war (above) the column of the holiday inn hotel with the added paintings all images courtesy of potato NOSE even after more than 25 years of the end of the civil war in lebanon, traces of it can be still encountered on many buildings.

war peace , is a project by lebanese interior architect and artist jad el khoury, where these shocking bad memories are transformed into potato NOSE 1 characters.

after three months of intense rope training, two buildings in beirut filled with war traces were attacked as part of war peace