Dutch tourist survives tiger attack in the Nepalese jungle by climbing a tree and clinging on for TWO HOURS while the predator circled below

Gerard Van Laar, 33, and his guide attacked by tiger running ‘at full speed’ Engineer leapt up tree while his guide was injured trying to lure beast away Guide arrived back with help and they used sticks to drive away the tiger Mr Van Laar: ‘I was lucky to be alive.

I’d be dead if it weren’t for the guide’ | 24 View comments A Dutch tourist survived a tiger attack in the jungles of Nepal by climbing a tree and clinging on for two hours while the beast circled him below.

Gerard Van Laar was trekking with a Nepalese guide in Bardia National Park when a growling tiger came running at them ‘at full speed’ on Saturday

Dutch tourist says he’s lucky to survive Nepal tiger attack

| KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) A Dutch tourist who survived a tiger attack in the jungles of southwestern Nepal over the weekend by climbing a tree said Monday that he’s lucky to be alive and will now have a story to tell when he returns home.

Gerard Van Laar said he was attacked by the tiger when he and his Nepalese guide were hiking in Bardia National Park on Saturday. “I was super lucky to be alive.

Tracking the great Siberian tiger

Of all charismatic animals, tigers are surely the most filmed, televised, documented, noisily cherished and, paradoxically, the most persecuted on Earth.

It is also probably the one wild mammal more people wish to see than any other.