The ultimate beach holiday packing list revealed: Ditch heels, use make-up bags on a night out and say no to ‘hungry-bottoms’

Packing for a beach holiday can often lead to fashion disasters So top travel blogger Toni Jones has revealed her tips for vacation fashion She says leopard print adds glam and sarongs are essential | 35 View comments For most, the annual beach holiday is one of the highlights of the year, but no matter how far you plan in advance, once on vacation, the huge suitcase you painfully lugged to the hotel will inevitably fall short in almost every social occasion throughout your stay.

Not to worry though – help is now at hand from travel journalist and blogger Toni Jones, founder of 1 , who has shared all of her tips for the ultimate beach holiday packing list.

Here, the former fashion editor details the essentials for every woman’s summer vacation that will keep luggage weight low and, more importantly, have you looking perfect every step of the way with minimal effort.