Elephant crisis may damage Dar’s tourist trade

Tanzania has lost two thirds of its elephants in the last five years and the trade is being fuelled by high level government officials who can t be prosecuted, according to a report in the UK.

The Guardian newspaper said that the clear evidence from the results of a continental elephant census showed that Tanzania s elephants were being slaughtered on an unprecedented scale.

They d tried to prevent tourists from seeing the melting skins and drying bones littering the Selous ecosystem in southern Tanzania for years, wrote Guardian correspondent Helen McNeish.

Ten things to do while at the Kenya coast

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Leave a Comment 2 1 MOMBASA AND THE KENYA COAST THE TEN TOP THINGS TO DO WHILE ON VACATION (Posted 19th July 2015) Surprisingly often are questions asked when I highlight the many attractions the Kenya coast holds for visitors But what shall we do all day long .

Most hotels and resorts these days have a professional animation team on site, helping holiday makers to pass their time if they do not wish to leave their resorts