Bomb scare at top hotel

HUNDREDS of guests booked at the upmarket Holiday Inn Hotel in Harare were yesterday evacuated from their rooms following bomb scare reports at the premises.

BY VENERANDA LANGA When NewsDay arrived at the hotel around 1pm, the car park was almost empty and people who were booked at the hotel were either milling around in the car park or relocating to other hotels in the city

Terrifying moment enraged bull elephant charges at a safari truck and lifts it into the air…

narrowly avoiding injuring a tourist

Enraged elephant lowers its head and collides with the safari vehicle Tourists scream as the mammal lifts the truck and turns it sideways Visitor said elephant pierced a tyre and went through metal with tusk | 1 View comments This heart-stopping footage captures the moment an enraged bull elephant rammed into a safari truck full of helpless tourists and lifted it into the air.

The video was captured by a visitor to the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe who was inside the vehicle at the time of the attack