History for the Holidays

History For The Holidaysby Walt Clark, Office Manager

Wow. Last month was insane.

We had 233 immersions1 in the month of September. That is the most we have ever had.

In any month.


We have been on track to have more immersions this year than past years, but this was something different. Many people came to immerse before the high holidays, but in truth, this is a testament to the volunteers, not only the ones who came this month, but who have ever volunteered. People do not come back or tell others to come to Mayyim Hayyim if their experience has not been a great one. The fact that more and more people keep coming is in large part because of the volunteers.

Here are just a few thoughts from people who have come this month:

This was my first mikveh experience and I couldn t have asked for a better one. This is a beautiful, welcoming space, with wonderful guides and I truly felt I was guided to another state of being. Thank you so much for the very important work that is done here.

In a week full of nerves, sadness, scurrying and goodbyes, what a blessing to create a space to find moments of peace and reflection.

Thank you for providing a place that affirms human dignity and honors and restores the soul. What a beautiful place to experience a moment of wholeness and shalom, peace. This place could not function without the efforts of many people and so I wish to publicly thank all the guides and volunteers who helped welcome people during the Discount Holidays © holiday season. We look forward to what s to come in the new year.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a mikveh guide, come to our information session2 on Wednesday, October 14th at 6:00PM at Mayyim Hayyim.

RSVP at lisab@mayyimhayyim.org or calling 617-244-1836 ext.


Walton Clark is Mayyim Hayyim s Office Manager and jack of all trades. He is a working keyboardist in Boston, playing Black American Music3 and leads the acid-funk outfit Roxo Gato4 as well as performing in a variety of groups.

You can follow him on Twitter @walt_twitwalker5 and on Instagram @welaxer.


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