Eiffel Tower to be turned into a Euro 2016 rental apartment

“We think the Eiffel Tower1 is the ideal place to make the most unforgettable vacation memories of all”, says HomeAway2 co-founder and CEO Brian Sharples “So many of our travelers fall in love with their vacation rental homes just as much as their vacation destination itself”.

If your vacation fantasies happen to include a stay in one of France’s legendary landmarks, you might want to stop what you are doing and listen up. The winners will be announced on June 10, the day the Euro Cup kicks off. To enter to win this envy-inducing experience, visit HomeAway and come up with a creative answer to this question: “What would you do if the Eiffel Tower was all yours for a night?” In a move of pure un-inhibited, passionate, French-ness, a contest was recently announced with Homeaway.com3, makers of that awesome Nick Offerman commercial, and the city of Paris at the helm.

“HomeAway, Inc.is the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals, with more than 1,000,000 vacation rental listings in over 190 countries”. Apparently, these winners will be the first individuals to have a sleepover inside the tower in its entire 129-year existence. The apartment-fully functional, with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a lounging area-can fit several people, whether it’s an adventurous family or a group of friends.

The apartment will sleep five, meaning that each of the four winners will be able to bring four guests. The overnight stays will take place June 23, June 28, July 4, and July 8, and the vacation package also includes three additional nights in a Paris HomeAway vacation rental, round-trip transportation, and tickets to a soccer match. Winners can expect to eat well within the Eiffel Tower Apartment4, with dinner and breakfast provided in the Eiffel Tower Apartment.

With airfare provided by Expedia, the Eiffel Tower Apartment contest is open to all USA residents.


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