Heroes of the Storm – Lunar Update Feb.2,2016

Heroes of the Storm s lastest patch introduces the first of the two announced Diablo universe Heroes, Li-Ming along with the addition of new art, shop bundles, and many more. GENERAL New Special Event: Lunar Festival 2016 We re ringing in the new year with a brand new Lunar Festival event 1 , which includes new and returning skins and bundles, as well as new Special Event quests and rewards! Be sure to complete your quests and pick up a few skins before our 2016 Lunar Festival event concludes on Tuesday, March 1 .

New Special Event Quests Play 25 Games Complete 25 games in Versus A.I., Quick Match, or Ranked play during the Lunar Festival 2016 event to earn a special Monkey Elder holiday portrait!

Catch the Monkey Elder Each day during this year s Lunar Festival event, you ll receive a Special Event quest to catch the Monkey Elder.