WWE Immortals 2.0.1 MOD APK with DATA (ALL DEVICES …

WWE Immortals 2.0.1 MOD APK With DATA (ALL DEVICES ...

WWE Immortals 2.0.1 MOD APK With DATA (ALL DEVICES ...

Whats New v 2.0.1:
Bret Hart, Roman Reigns, and Sheamus all arrive with new Gold versions rewarded for new special Multiplayer Seasons! A special Fastlane PPV Multiplayer Season! Early Access Character Packs if you can t wait!

Bug fixes and new content!

2.0.1 Additional bug fixes.


VERSION: 2.0.1

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Elephant crisis may damage Dar’s tourist trade

Tanzania has lost two thirds of its elephants in the last five years and the trade is being fuelled by high level government officials who can t be prosecuted, according to a report in the UK. The Guardian newspaper said that the clear evidence from the results of a continental elephant census showed that Tanzania s elephants were being slaughtered on an unprecedented scale. They d tried to prevent tourists from seeing the melting skins and drying bones littering the Selous ecosystem in southern Tanzania for years, wrote Guardian correspondent Helen McNeish. But they couldn t mask the shots heard from safari camps in a reserve once known as the elephant capital of the world . Last year the area was named in the journal Science as Africa s poaching hotspot, and a Unesco world heritage in danger site.

The report says nothing is being done about the issue because of high level corruption.

Film Review: Vacation



A somewhat mixed bag of comedic scenarios but a strong cast and warm message make Vacation a stronger film than it looks.

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I ve never even heard of the original vacation , a boy tells his parents.

Doesn t matter, the new vacation will stand on its own his father replies. This wonderfully meta joke early in the film highlights that it doesn t matter how long it has been since earlier instalments of a franchise (the original National Lampoon s Vacation in this case having been released in 1983), Hollywood is happy to push out another reboot. Just as Mad Max: Fury Road successfully rebooted that franchise earlier this year, Vacation fulfils the same function, in that, prior knowledge of what came before isn t necessary. Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is now all grown up with a family of his own. However, his youngest son relentlessly bullies his eldest son and he discovers that his wife may not be that happy with the routine of their lives.

He s headed straight for a mid-life crisis and so has an idea to repeat the cross-country trip he was taken on when he was a child, some 2,500 miles to the Wally World theme park in hopes it will rekindle the family bond.

Film Review: Vacation

What follows is a light-hearted romp with jokes of variable quality peppered throughout, that remarkably have a pretty high hit rate. None of it is particularly smart or clever; gags be it physical or verbal comedy are set up and a satisfying punchline delivered soon after. Some are repeated with mixed success throughout the film; a malfunctioning, angry sat-nav giving directions in Korean is amusing and a recurring joke about the definition of a rim-job pays off multiple times. The emotional heart of the film comes from the dynamic between Rusty, his wife Debbie (Christina Applegate) and their two sons. Rusty is a family man, very much happy with his lot but trying his hardest to live up to the expectations of his brood. Helms and Applegate are accomplished comic actors and have enough chemistry to sell their marital problems, as well as the comedic-chops to sell the hapless solutions they use to try and solve them.

Heading up the supporting cast is Chris Hemsworth, as a chauvinistic, alpha-male weather man. Much was said about his appearance in the trailer when it was released online thanks to his, err large package but his offbeat character is far funnier than let on. Here Hemsworth demonstrates a real knack for comedy that could serve him well when he decides to retire from his superhero duties with Marvel.

Film Review: Vacation

Roadtrip movies are naturally episodic and as with the jokes some sequences work better than others. Fortunately, if there are any moments that miss the mark and there are several another soon arises that nails it. That said, there is no stand-out, brilliant scene. Perhaps that is down to first-time directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who found success with writing Horrible Bosses but perhaps had a more skilful director to translate script to screen in that case.

There s a place for every kind of humour in comedy and Goldstein and Daley certainly aim to have a broad appeal with their kitchen-sink approach. Luckily they remember to include moments of warmth with characters the audience can relate to despite the heightened reality around them. So although Vacation amounts to a series of set pieces loosely strung together, it is a solidly entertaining, late summer surprise.

Vaction is released on 22nd August.

Assets courtesy of Warner Bros.



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