Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat Fest

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestWriter Boy went to bed very late last night, Modern Philosophers. In fact, it wasn t until the wee hours of Writer s Day before he actually crawled under the covers.

The Nite Show taping had run late, and then Writer Boy had to go through all the photos he took during the taping to properly tag them on Facebook. Next, he had to figure out which ones to use for last night s behind the scenes blog post. Then the blog post had to be written, and all the comments that came in on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook about Writer Boy s coverage of The Nite Show had to be answered. Writer Boy really could have used the blog interns help last night, but they all claimed to have an early class this morning.


Since today is Writer s Day, Writer Boy didn t really care what time he went to bed. The whole point of the Discount Holidays © Holiday is to enjoy the Nite Show experience and complete all the writing that needs to be done. Of course, what s good for Writer Boy isn t always good for Runner Boy. If you might recall, theirs is an epic battle for control of my psyche

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestNeither of those guys should really be dueling with lightsabers, especially not in such a dimly lit place with all that mist. What was going on with the power at Cloud City?

Was Lando behind on the electric bill? Was that why he sold out Han to the Empire? Okay, I m getting completely off topic here. Let s get back to the completely sane issue of two parts of my personality clashing for total control of me. Since Writer Boy went to bed so late, Runner Boy did not pop up out of bed at 5:30 as he usually does for his morning run.

Runner Boy didn t get his tighter, noticeably more fit butt out of bed until well past 10:00. By the time Runner Boy stepped outside for his run, it was 11:00. That s 5 hours later than usual. Guess what that means from a temperature standpoint, Modern Philosophers

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestIt was a scorching 15 degrees warmer than usual. In fact, it was almost 80 degrees when Runner Boy took the first steps of his 3 mile run.

Guess who could care less? Writer Boy. He wanted to place all the blame on Comfort Food Boy, whose ridiculous eating habits had made a Writer s Day run necessary. Of course, what Writer Boy, the flighty, creative type didn t seem to grasp, was that he was going on this run as well.

After all, all these personalities resided inside the same host human.

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestThe above photo pretty much sums up Runner Boy s reaction once he got out on the road and felt the scorching Summer sun (Yes, it is still Summer and it sure feels like it!) beating down relentlessly upon him. Runner Boy suffered, struggled, and generated enough sweat to flood a trailer park. Luckily, he had his trusty water bottle with him and used it to repeatedly beat Writer Boy about the head and shoulders. It was ugly and looked quite strange to passing motorists, all who were too confused by what they were seeing to call the police.

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestRunner Boy kept calm and rambled on down Eastern Avenue under the Sun s powerful glow.

He was like a neophyte stage actor, in the spotlight and covered in flop sweat. Writer Boy tried to use the time on the road to plot out a blog post for later in the day, but Runner Boy shot down that idea right away. He needed full control of the brain if he was going to make it back to The House on the Hill without the aid of paramedics.

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestSomehow Runner Boy got back to The House on the Hill in his fastest 3 mile time of the past 11 weeks.

Writer Boy was so impressed by the accomplishment that he immediately seized control of the brain and began to mentally outline a blog post about the run. Runner Boy dumped a bottle of water over his head and then checked out for the next couple of days. Friday is a day off, so he s not needed again until Saturday.

When he s going to make damn sure the alarm clock is set for a decent hour that morning!

Writer Boy's Hangover Is Runner Boy's Sweat FestIn the end, the Modern Philosopher stepped on the scale and was stunned to discover he was down 17 lbs since he started his running program. It was a big surprise because he had been stuck between 13 and 14 lbs for the past few weeks, so this loss was a huge deal. Maybe Runner Boy had grown too complacent and needed a push from Writer Boy to get over the hump.

Whatever the explanation, the Modern Philosopher will just be glad to finally stop talking about himself in the third person once this post is finished.

Happy Writer s Day!

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