Running Girl Sport Pants Women Slimming Yoga Leggings Super Elastic Fitness Tights Outdoor Joggers Active Trousers Selective Price

Running Girl Sport Pants Women Slimming Yoga Leggings Super Elastic Fitness Tights Outdoor Joggers Active Trousers

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL:Made from the finest quality fabrics:High elasticity moisture perspiration breathable comfortable soft material,wrinkle-resistant,sweat absorption;Non see-through,super soft touch finish;Hand washable or soft-machine washable.
  • Hanging Dyeing Design:Gradient color streamline highlight the legs curve;Fashionable and stylish, and easy to go with other clothes; Unique Space Dye Ombre fade-resistant seasonal print color design makes you cute, Highly stretchable Micro-fiber yarn maintains shape;
  • Main Application: Ideal for everyday active lifestyle like Sports,Walking,jogging, Cycling,Gym athleticsetc and daily life;Perfect for any type of Physical Activity; High Rise WideWwaistband prevent “Muffin top”, contours your curves tummy control shapewear and streamlines your natural shape.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES:Retains color and shape after multiple washings.Wrapped in the skin to provide heat.Moisture breathable material does not worry about sweating.Designed to stay put when you stretch and bend, these capris won’t ride up, fall down, or dig in.
  • TIP: Please CHECK OUR SIZE CHAR before order, or read the reviews.That may help you to buy the right size, or you can contact us for professional suggestion.. Highly elastic material suitable for most stature.The best choice for the right price,don’t pay more for other brand when these do the business.

Please check our size chart before order, That may help you to buy the right size, or you can contact us for professional suggestio

About products

Brand: Running Girl

Material: Nylon and Polyester and Spandex

Measurements:Please check your measurements to make sure the item fits before ordering.

S/M ——-Waist 24-27″——-Length 35.5″——-Hip 32-36″
L/XL ——-Waist 28-32″ ——-Length 37″ ——-Hip 34-42″

Package Content:1 x Women Sport Leggings


•High quality, high elasticity. Super Comfort and Soft fabric / Moisture Wicking and perfect for any type of Physical Activity.
•Perfectly suit for all kinds of tops, comfortable and beautiful.
•Medium support, light-weight stretch, perfect for yoga, gym,fitness, and joggings, or just for everyday wearing
•High quality low price,the best price to buy the best goods. The 4-way stretchable fabric is carefully chosen to ensure maximum comfort – ensures no itching, irritation or chafing.

Attention: As different computers display colors differently,
the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images, thanks for your understanding.

Garment Care: Hand-washed and Gently Machine-washed, The washing temperature should under 86 Fahrenheit

About Running Girl

Running Girl is a professional manufacturer of sports yoga fitness clothing,include tops,bras,leggings and T-shirt sets.
We utilize light-weighted high elastic and quick-drying material, and all of our products are designed to fit our body perfectly .
We is always uphold the principle “Enjoy Fitness,Enjoy Life“.

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Kyrgyzstan: an adventure in land-locked Central Asia

Few countries are so completely off the beaten track, that saying you ve visited them will automatically garner attention from your peers. They ll wonder: what s the food like? Why did you choose to go there? And of course, where on Earth is it? I ve just returned from a three-week trip to beautiful Kyrgyzstan, a land-locked country in Central Asia, wedged between Afghanistan, China, and Russia and bordered by the better-known Kazakhstan. Safe to say, it is exactly one of those places mysterious, arresting and so far afield it s almost otherworldly. Don t get me wrong I love the usual Discount Holidays © holiday in Spain, spent wandering around supermarkets, Solero-seeking in my Speedos after drinking a pint with my ‘ 3 full English.

Yet, the very moment I came across a photo of Ala-Kul lake, I knew I had to set foot in this previously unheard of country. It may not be on your bucket list, but for more reasons than one, it s a country ripe for exploring.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

The tall peaks

Kyrgyzstan is 90 per cent mountains. Almost all of it rises 1,500 metres above sea level. The average elevation of the country is 2,700 metres. This means it s beautiful just about everywhere. The landscape is awe-inspiring to an Englishman, who comes from a place where the tallest mountain is 1,300 metres high. The cities here are in-between mountain ranges. You see these peaks everywhere, poking up above the houses and bustling markets, and long car journeys usually a real drag became exciting as I weaved through them.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

The lakes

The lakes are the reason why most tourists visit Kyrgyzstan and for good reason, as there are well over 2,000 of them. The largest lake, Issyk Kul, is almost double the size of the English channel and will make you feel as though you re at sea. The North Side is heavily frequented in the summer by Kyrgyz locals and Russian holidaymakers, who flock there for the beaches. The South Side, on the other hand, is a little more quiet: it s home to villages and a couple of yurt camps, as well as the huge red Skazka (Fairy tale) Canyon. Ala-Kul was the lake that inspired my visit, and hence proved a personal highlight to my trip. Reaching it required a difficult, steep, two-day trek up almost 4,000 metres.

Never in my life had I seen such beautiful scenery and been the only soul around in such a vast expanse. With no-one and nothing to surround me, other than dead silence and wind blowing through the mountains, it was an experience that not even a photo could ever capture.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

Affordable activities

Treks are abundant and cheap. I spent around 150 for a four-day trek complete with tent hire and an English-speaking guide. A three-day horse riding adventure to Song Kol, Kyrgyzstan s 3,000 metre-high alpine lake, cost me little more. You could pick your price range and stay in tents, yurts or caravans the experience will be unique regardless. What s more, locals are so friendly and excited to meet a foreigner. The majority of fellow trekkers I met were Swiss or French if you have the Alps in your back garden, but choose to climb mountains halfway around the world, that tells you what a wonderful place this is.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

Living with the locals

Kyrgyzstan has a distinct lack of formal tourism infrastructure. There are of course hotels dotted around the major cities and villages; however, as a foreign tourist, they can be difficult to find. A small number of tour operators have now sprung up, making it easy to travel the country whilst staying with families in their homes or yurts. Community Based Tourism (CBT), the largest of all with 11 offices around the country, work closely with the local communities to create a brand of ethical eco-tourism. During my stay, CBT organised my treks, arranged a rental horse, and placed me with young families and old couples alike: I was invited into their homes, offered copious amounts of tea, incredibly well fed and made to feel totally at ease despite the language barrier. It s a relatively cheap way of seeing the country, and the best part is that around 81 per cent of CBT s revenue goes directly to those very families you stay with.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

Ease of travel

Everyone usually comes back from their Discount Holidays © holiday and proclaims how cheap it was. Kyrgyzstan was insanely cheap and easy to navigate. There are next to no trains or clear timetables for anything, but that s part of the adventure. Shared taxis and marshrutka minibus taxis are common modes of transportation.

I shared a six hour-long taxi from the capital of Bishkek to Karakol, wedged between two locals, and the trip cost me under 6. A two hour-long minibus ride into Bishkek would in fact cost little over 1. The buses all run regularly; the only downside was waiting a half-hour or so for the shared taxi to fill up before we made our way. The best part of all? Kyrgyzstan is visa-free for British people, meaning you only need a passport and a flight to reach this beautiful country.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia
Good to know

Currency: Som.

1 roughly equals 100 som. A bottle of vodka costs around 70 som. Guesthouses are around 800 som a night.
Language: Kyrgyz is the official language. The majority of locals speak Russian, too.
Religion: Whilst Kyrgyzstan is a secular state, around 80 per cent of people follow Islam.
Emergency services: Police 102; Emergency 103; Emergency rescue service 110.

Time difference: Kyrgyzstan is five hours ahead of London, UK.
There are no direct flights to Kyrgyzstan, so you will need to connect in Istanbul. The overall flight time is around twelve hours.
Visa requirements: Kyrgyzstan is visa-free for many, including EU and USA residents.

Best time of year to go: For trekking, May-early September is the best time to visit.

Outside of these, the country is very cold and ideal for skiing.
Best route to get there: Unless travelling overland, the best way in is via Istanbul. Turkish Airlines offer return flights for around 350.
What to pack: The temperature varies dramatically depending on your altitude. I would advise both warm clothing, and shorts/t-shirts. Even during the summer you may experience snow in the mountainous regions.
Electricity: 220V/50hz two-pin European.
Local customs to be aware of: Kyrgyzstan loves tea almost as much as the British. Wherever you go you will be welcomed into homes and offered their local chai which you should gratefully accept. Handshaking is a sign of respect, and as a man you should always do this when greeting other Kyrgyz men. Before entering homes or yurts, you should always remove your shoes.

Kyrgyzstan: An Adventure In Land-locked Central Asia

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