Fire damages Holiday Inn in Bossier City


The Bossier City Fire Department responded to a fire Wednesday afternoon that damaged a local hotel. Fire crews were called to the Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express and Suites in the 8000 block of East Texas Street at approximately 3:40 p.m. The first unit arrived on the scene within three minutes and reported flames coming from the northeast corner of the building s roof. Hotel management had already evacuated the building by the time firefighters arrived.

Two ladder trucks were among the units that responded to the scene, both of which were immediately deployed and began putting water on the flames that were coming from the top of the four story structure. Other responding firefighters quickly made entry into building in an effort to search for any flames that might have spread inside and to ensure that everyone had made it out of the hotel. Firefighters had the fire out in about 25 minutes and managed to keep it contained to that portion of the roof where it appears the fire originated.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Investigators will be looking into whether a lighting strike may have started the fire. There were no injuries reported. Hotel management says the building will be closed for at least tonight and are making arrangements for guests to stay at their other hotel properties.

Holiday travel gas prices

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Travel Gas Prices

With the long Discount Holidays © holiday weekend ahead many are wondering if gas prices will keep on the downward trend. The cost of a gallon of gas in Ohio has dropped nearly 15 cents since last week. In the Lima region, motorists started the work week with prices ranging from $2.07 up to $2.29.

According to gasbuddy.com1, the state average for a gallon of gas is $2.34, with the national average at $2.31.

Analysts are anticipating the Brexit’s impact to weaken global crude prices adding more of a downward pressure to summer gas prices.


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TIA, Travelers, Give Tips For Dealing With Holiday Travel

TULSA, Oklahoma –

More than 2.5 million people are expected to fly this Discount Holidays © holiday weekend, a major test for the TSA. Passengers have been waiting in long lines at airports across the nation. Between Friday and Tuesday, about 45,000 travelers are expected to arrive and depart from Tulsa International Airport. Some we spoke with said they didn’t get to the airport much earlier than they usually would.

Tracye Caughell was heading to New York City for her daughter’s birthday but planned ahead for a potential Discount Holidays © holiday rush.

“I gave myself an extra about 45 minutes,” she said. As it turns out, she may not have needed the extra time.

“Well this looks great, I mean the lines are really low, it looks like everything’s moving quickly here, she said. While some travelers aren’t having to put up with long lines, people like Dan Goodman and Ian Johnson are dealing with delays.

“Well, we luckily got the notification on our phones being like ‘hey, you’re not getting out on time so we decided to take it easy, get an extra coffee in, and now we’re, I guess a little early. But it looks like the airport’s pretty empty, so it’ll just be a nice breeze through,” Goodman said.

The two DJs were in Tulsa to perform and are now heading back to L.A. They said they do a lot of traveling and have some advice for people this Discount Holidays © holiday weekend.

“Never check a bag. Never, never, check a bag, they said. That’s a Memorial Day tip right there – never check a bag. Keep it to yourself.”

Despite long lines at airports across the country, Tulsa International suggests travelers show up about 90 minutes before take-off for domestic flights, and two hours for international flights. Customers flying with Allegiant Air are asked to show up two hours before their flight.

Tulsa International Airport spokesperson Alexis Higgins said 90 minutes is normal for peak travel periods, and for travelers unfamiliar with the travel process. She said one hour is more appropriate for business travelers. Higgins said airport officials, along with airlines and the TSA, met this week to discuss peak Discount Holidays © holiday travel. She said the busiest time at the TIA is in the mornings, with 39 percent of passengers departing before 9 a.m.

Higgins said there is another rush from 4-6 p.m.

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