Foreclosure the second in Taos hotel’s rocky history

The 1989 soir e to celebrate the opening of the brand-new Holiday Inn Don Fernando de Taos was quite the party.

As many as 800 people packed the swanky lodge, enjoying free champagne, oysters and caviar while schmoozing among ice carvings of Indian maidens and swans.

There were $20 bills taped to the ceremonial ribbon cut by then-governor Garrey Carruthers, who told the crowd the Don Fernando was a shining star for Taos tourism industry.

Florida group buys Billings Holiday Inn Grand, plans conversion to Radisson

A Florida-based hotel company has bought the Holiday Inn Grand for $7.85 million on Billings West End and plans to start a multimillion-dollar renovation and conversion to a Radisson hotel.

Stephen Nalley, managing partner of Ormond Beach, Fla.-based Inner Circle US, said Tuesday the company has big plans for the 43,000-square-foot Montana Convention Center, the city s largest stand-alone convention center

Council takes up Holiday Inn incentives, property taxes

DECATUR The Decatur City Council will consider offering incentives to spur construction of a Holiday Inn and Suites and accompanying restaurant on the city s north side.

Under the proposal, the city would share half of the proceeds from the hotel use tax generated by the hotel for five years