Dramatic images show engineers using drills to stop huge gas leak after hotel evacuated

SWNS The dramatic scenes were caught on camera in a series of startling pictures Workers, wearing oxygen masks and ear defenders, drilled into the gas main as a plume of gas shot up over their heads.

The dramatic scenes were caught on camera in a series of startling pictures.

Emergency workers raced to make the urgent repair next to a hotel at Glasgow Airport, where guests had to be evacuated in the early hours of the morning.

Hotel faces legal action following the deaths of two elderly guests

GETTY/ SWNS Carol Whymark died shortly after being taken to hospital in an ambulance Last month it emerged that staff at the Loch Achray Hotel in Callander sent Norma Francis, 79, on a 350-mile taxi journey home in April after she showed symptoms of gastric illness.

The pensioner and her husband John, 81, made the epic road journey home – but on arrival Mrs Francis could not be roused and later died.

But it has now emerged that, just three weeks later, the hotel sent home 70-year-old holidaymaker Carol Whymark in similar circumstances.

EXCLUSIVE: EU commission in SINISTER plot to track YOUR online transactions and spending

GETTY/EPA The EU has unveiled plans to snoop on Britons’ holiday spending EU pen-pushers want access to what UK holidaymakers are splashing their hard earned money on in a move which has been slammed as a serious and possibly illegal breach of civil liberties.

The draconian new laws, proposed by Jean-Claude Juncker s EU Commission, have been drawn up under the guise of combatting lone wolf terror attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis