American tourists eager on planning their Europe holidays

American tourists planning a summer Discount Holidays © holiday were asked in the study organized by Travel Leaders Group, the American tour operator. The findings show that the respondents preferred France as the destination of choice, followed by Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. However, the fear of terrorism is one of the first five reasons stated by the study participants who decided not to go for Discount Holidays © holiday in Europe this summer.

Fear Cannot Stop the Travelers

The results of the survey indicate that a lot of American tourists do not want to let fear and the security situation in their destination of choice overpower their desire of embracing the world and experiencing other cultures.

France is the main example, as Ninan Chacko, CEO of the Travel Leaders Group, explained.

Of course, every single traveler has to choose his or her personal comfort level, whatever the destination is, even inside the US. The survey data show that a lot of Americans still choose Europe, and in particular France, which has been their favorite destination for a long time. Traveling itself seems to be the most powerful catalyst for facing ignorance, fear and hate, as our interviewees confirm, said Chacko.

Italy Is the Second Favorite Destination

Out of all the 3400 respondents of the survey, 8.2% confirmed that they have already traveled around Europe this year and that they visited, in order, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

When asked whether they still intend to realize their traveling plans, 98.3% answered positively.

Almost 28% of the participants plan a European trip in 2016 while United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Ireland are among their most contemplated destinations.

Among the respondents who stated that they have no plans to travel to Europe until the end of the year, 48.5% has already taken or planned the main holiday, 31.2% decided so because of the costs, 25.5% were worried about the security, 16.4% were not interested in Europe, and 6.3% had no time for traveling.

The survey among American tourists also took into account the effects of the latest terrorist events, and included a question whether there are any European countries that the respondents intend to avoid this year.

The results show that 37.5% answered no to this question, 26.6% said No, we can t let fear influence our trips , 21% intended to avoid Turkey, 14.4% Belgium, and 14.3% Russia.

Pay-per-view porn banned in Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is the latest global firm to scrap the service, joining Hilton and Hyatt, after being pressured by anti-pornography groups.

Based in Denham, Buckinghamshire, the company already had a standard that compelled franchisees not to offer explicit videos, but it was not followed at every hotel.

Under the new policy, the standard will be enforced and hotels that continue to sell on-demand adult films will face strict penalties , an IHG spokesperson told Breitbart News.

The spokesperson said the company is committed to a range of initiatives designed to safeguard human dignity from supply chain protocols and human rights to sexual exploitation.

IHG, the world s largest chain with 744,000 rooms, has more than 5,000 hotels in nearly 100 countries, and it said all of them have been notified of the new policy.

Hotel chains that offer pay-per-view adult film in guest rooms have faced pressure from anti-pornography groups to eliminate the service.

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the Washington-based National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), said: This commitment by IHG comes about as a new normal expands across the hotel industry, where increasingly hoteliers are recognising that pornography is an exploitive means of profit, partly due to pornography s link to prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual violence.

Hawkins said IHG has pledged to continuously inspect all of its hotels to ensure the standard is enforced.

Last year, Hilton Worldwide and Hyatt Hotels Corporation said they would remove all on-demand porn from their hotels by this summer.

Hilton was previously listed on NCOSE s dirty dozen list , which names 12 mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation , a statement from the organisation said.

NCOSE is planning to release this year s dirty dozen list tomorrow.

Industry experts have told MailOnline there has been a huge fall in demand for pay-per-view content in recent years, with guests bringing their laptop computers or other devices that can stream video.

Robert Mandelbaum, director of research information services at PKF Hospitality research, said: ‘The decline over the past seven years has been really dramatic, profits from on demand services have dropped by half since 2007.

‘Between 2013 and 2014 demand for pay-per-view services fell by 12 per cent, and that’s while the hotel industry is achieving record profitability.

‘It’s not like we’re in the middle of a recession. The hotels themselves are full, people just aren’t paying to use these services anymore.’

Speaking about the rise of streaming services, he added: ‘The first thing people do these days when they walk into a hotel is access the internet. They have laptops and tablets and they bring their own entertainment with them.

‘We have actually seen the way the TV works in a hotel room change.

It is now largely a monitor for us to use with our own devices.

‘People use it as a device to order room service or facilitate checkout or access other services within the hotel.

It is a communication monitor as opposed to a source of entertainment.’

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