Pregnant woman refused £1k refund after cancelling Thomson holiday to Zika-affected Orlando

Zabina Mirza decided to cancel her holiday to Florida after discovering her pregnancy A woman has been refused a refund after deciding to cancel her holiday to Zika-affected Florida when she discovered she was pregnant.

Zabina Mirza is due to travel with Thomson Airways to Orlando and had paid 1051.24 for the trip.

But after deciding that the destination was no longer safe given her condition, she discovered that her options were limited when it came to cancellations

The Best Dates to Book Your Holiday Travel

It doesn t feel like it should be time to book your holiday travel just yet we haven t even closed out the summer with Labor Day getaways but many people think that the sooner you secure your tickets and hotel rooms, the better the deals you ll get.

Turns out, that may not be entirely true

Mapped: Where the world wants to go on holiday

C roatia 1 is the most desirable destination in the world according to a comprehensive analysis of Google data.

The website teflSearch looked at queries 2 made between July 2015 and July 2016 from more than 80 countries in 52 languages to produce a series of maps that reveal the holiday wish lists of various nationalities

New data reveals the damage Trump’s campaign has done to his hotel empire

D onald Trump s hotel empire has taken a hit since the Republican nominee announced his intention to run for president last year, new evidence has shown.

Data from mobile phone app company Foursquare, which lets users “check in” at their location, has revealed that footfall to the controversial candidate s properties in the US has dropped by as much as 17 per cent since June last year, when Trump threw his hat into the ring.

Trump has not shied from controversy Credit: 2016 Getty Images/John Moore Trump-branded hotels, casinos and golf courses have all seen reductions in the number of visitors, according to the figures, and while there was a brief respite at the start of the year, numbers fell again once the primaries began in spring