VIDEO: 'The Daily Show' Makes Fun Of 2015

With the Discount Holidays © holiday season officially over, late-night television returned. The only problem was most of the mainstays decided to return with a whimper, saving their big guns for when they know viewers are back watching. The Daily Show1 managed to hold the spotlight for the night, introducing a new theme song from Timbaland2 and swinging back over the tail end of 2015 to make jokes about all the stories they missed. There was Steve Harvey s embarrassment3 at the Miss Universe pageant including the explosive New Year s response in Colombia4 the fall of Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch5, Bill Cosby s legal troubles, and Texas new open carry laws. The latter got most of the segment thanks to an very informative and very funny PSA released to inform people about the new rules.

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Jeff Foxworthy clearly found a break from all of those Golden Corral commercials to record the voiceover here, keeping us on the hook for the punchline at the end. The problem is that it never comes and this is not a joke.

(Via Comedy Central7)


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