The Week in Review: 2015 Holiday Season

The Week In Review: 2015 <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Season

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My 2015 Discount Holidays © holiday season other than not seeing the sun at all until really my last day in Port Ludlow, Washington which is about an hour or so outside of Seattle in Kitsap County just off of Bainbridge Island, was by in large positive. I don t see my family other than my parents that much to begin with. My family for the most part is now in California, while I m in Maryland just outside of Washington. So we re three-thousand miles apart physically, as well as miles apart personally as far as being very different people. I m talking about my two brothers really. Who both are now married with their own families. So I don t go out-of-my-way to stay in touch with them.

I haven t seen my brothers and sister in-laws, their wives for three years before we saw each other last week. My choice really. I m fine with my older brother who generally speaking is a great guy with a great and really cute and friendly wife, my older sister in-law. And they have three great kids. My nephew and two of my nieces. But he rarely speaks unless spoken to. He s pretty aloof, at least in my experience with him. How his wife communicates with him I may never know. Perhaps they just talk about what s for dinner and whose picking up the kids, some weather we re having and that sort of thing.

But I had a great time with them and the two days I had with them last week. Especially my nephew Nicholas, who reminds me of me as far as his interest in sports and history. My little brother, is sort of the opposite of Alex, but we don t get along very well. He s got an opinion about everything and we re almost complete opposites when it comes to personality. He can be bit a judgemental prick and that might be an off day for him. As a Liberal, I m a live and let live person. My attitude on life is basically, its your life pal, as long as you re not hurting someone.

And I could care less how someone eats their spaghetti and how they comb their hair. Plus, he can be very stupid, but in an insulting way. Ask really dumb questions as if they re legitimate, or state the obvious as if he s being informative. Our father, is very similar, but Kit is much worst and at least Dad won t be really sensitive when I call him out on his insulting stupidity. Kit, will act like he s completely not at fault. He and his wife, are perfect for San Francisco and that yuppie snobby universe. But, it s not as if I don t love my family, including my in-laws.

It s just that I don t feel the need to see and talk to them on a regular basis. But it was three-years and my little brother and his wife, just had their first baby in late 2014, so I was thinking this would be a good opportunity to meet my new niece. And catch up with my other nieces and nephew, as well as my brothers and sister in-laws. Even if it meant spending a week in the Seattle area, where you have a better chance of drowning in a flood, than ever seeing the sun while you are there. Which is why I went out there to hang out with them and see if I could get along with my little brother and little sister in-law. Perhaps hear my baby niece s first words and try to have a good time. Another reason why I don t go to Seattle where my parents have a second home in Port Ludlow, is because it s basically like flying to Alaska from the East Coast.

You literally spend the whole first day traveling, or waiting for your plane, ferry, or ride. I tend to leave early in the morning East Coast time and finally get to the house late at night ECT. So that tends to wear me out. But the first three days that I had with my parents, little bother, sister in-law and brand new niece, were fairly positive. We saw Goodfellas together as a family. A movie the whole family likes. One of my parents friends from that area joined us for Christmas and she s great and we had a good time with her. We managed to not get on each others nerves. Which is a hell of an accomplishment for the Schneider Family when we re all together.

I took a couple of hikes in between rain storms up there. The next two days were with my older brother Alex and his wife my older sister in-law Sandra. Had dinner with them their first night in town. Played basketball, hung out with them at their second home in Port Townsend. Threw the football with my nephew Nicholas and talked NFL history. Think about that for a minute. I m talking about NFL history and the history of the San Francisco 49ers, with a nine-year old boy.

Hanging out with him was not like hanging out with a kid. We played basketball together. he knocked down a couple of three-pointers, we played pool together, threw the football around and talked football history. This is a nine-year old boy, who lives in the San Francisco area, that might know more about the Washington Redskins than a lot of Redskins fans. Hanging out with Nick, was like hanging out with myself, or grown man. He s just a lot more advanced than a lot of kids his age. This coming from his uncle, but its true.

Coming back from Seattle, is really a blog in itself. Seattle, a little more than half the size of the Washington, DC area, is a fairly large community with a lot of tourist attractions, but they only have one big city airport, which is SeaTac. Which might be the worst big city airport in America. The Washington area in contrast, has three great major airports. So getting through SeaTac, plus dealing with TSA, is not fun. And by the time I get to my gate to go to Minneapolis, my stop before Washington, I find out my flight has not only been delayed, but by two-hours. So no I know my trip home has been screwed and what do I do once I get to Minneapolis. Delta, whatever you think of them, are very customer friendly and don t like losing customers. They put me up for one night at the Raddison in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Which is near their airport.

By in large, this was a very positive trip. Still not crazy about going to Seattle especially during their rainy season, which is only twelve months a year and every time I go out there the weather is Washington tends to be warm and beautiful, which makes the experience even worst getting local weather reports back home. But I will make bigger effort in the future to see my brothers and their beautiful families more often and would like to go to San Francisco to visit them.

Where they all live now and perhaps avoid Seattle instead.

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David Cameron uses ‘FitFlops’ on holiday, summer break photo reveals

With a glass off beer by a harbour-side caf , David Cameron may look like he is taking it easy on holiday. But on his feet are a tell-tale sign that he is not letting things completely slide. The Prime Minister is sporting FitFlops shoes with a curved sole that help wearers lose weight and improve muscle tone in a sure indication of middle-age worry about his figure.

The shoes, priced at around 50, have become something of a fashion craze since they were launched by the London-based company in 2007. During the election campaign, Mr Cameron revealed he was undergoing a “great patriotic struggle” to slim down, cutting out bread from his diet and going on regular jogs. His adoption of FitFlops emerged as Number 10 released a photo of the Camerons enjoying a drink in the 34-degree heat of Alvor, Portugal.

A barefoot Samantha Cameron wore a floral maxi skirt, which is something of a Discount Holidays © holiday favourite – she was also pictured in it during the family’s 2008 getaway to Cornwall. This year she teamed it with a 39 Jigsaw silk camisole. Mr Cameron sported a navy-blue shirt – perhaps from Boden, one of his favourite designers and a pair of blue espadrille without socks.

Forecasting Your Vacation Weather by Looking at the Past

Photo Will bad weather ruin your next holiday? Credit Andy Haslam for The New York Times

Bad weather can often ruin a vacation, but weather forecasts can also be wrong. With these two thoughts in mind, a new service called WeatherPlanner1 is hoping to give travelers a better sense of when to book their next trip.

Using more than 100 years of historic weather data, the site offers free weather forecasts up to a year in advance. Instead of predicting the weather, the company provides a prediction that is based on past events, said Jay Ciccarone, WeatherPlanner s chief executive officer.

We re giving an outlook based on something that s already happened versus a 10-day forecast for something that hasn t happened yet, said Mr.

Ciccarone. We re giving people the probability.

The service is currently available for the United States and Canada, and the company expects to provide similar information about European destinations in coming weeks. Mr.

Ciccarone claims his predictions are about 85 percent accurate.

Short-term forecasts are based on real-time observations by weather instruments that detect temperature and moisture in the atmosphere. Very powerful computers then crunch these figures into predictive models that are widely used. For its part, WeatherPlanner, which offers predictions no sooner than 14 days out, uses historical data in its own computer models to show, for example, rain in Philadelphia on Columbus Day weekend in October.

Predictions are not specific to the amount of rain or snow, or the exact temperature.

The site uses a sun icon for any day that it predicts is precipitation free, though it could be cloudy.

Temperatures are expressed in ranges such as low 80s with color bars that indicate whether the range is above, at or below seasonal averages.

Many weather platforms and even tourism organizations such as Juneau2, Alaska, offer travel planners seasonal or monthly average temperatures and precipitation levels, but Mr.

Ciccarone says his analysis offers more specific daily information.



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