The Week in Review: 2015 Holiday Season

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review: The Week in Review: 2015 Holiday Season 1 My 2015 holiday season other than not seeing the sun at all until really my last day in Port Ludlow, Washington which is about an hour or so outside of Seattle in Kitsap County just off of Bainbridge Island, was by in large positive.

I don t see my family other than my parents that much to begin with.

My family for the most part is now in California, while I m in Maryland just outside of Washington.

David Cameron uses ‘FitFlops’ on holiday, summer break photo reveals

With a glass off beer by a harbour-side caf , David Cameron may look like he is taking it easy on holiday.

But on his feet are a tell-tale sign that he is not letting things completely slide.

The Prime Minister is sporting FitFlops shoes with a curved sole that help wearers lose weight and improve muscle tone in a sure indication of middle-age worry about his figure