Dramatic images show engineers using drills to stop huge gas leak after hotel evacuated

SWNS The dramatic scenes were caught on camera in a series of startling pictures Workers, wearing oxygen masks and ear defenders, drilled into the gas main as a plume of gas shot up over their heads.

The dramatic scenes were caught on camera in a series of startling pictures.

Emergency workers raced to make the urgent repair next to a hotel at Glasgow Airport, where guests had to be evacuated in the early hours of the morning.

EU BIG BROTHER: Brussels unveils sinister plot to spy on YOUR holiday spending

GETTY/EPA The EU has unveiled plans to snoop on Britons’ holiday spending EU pen-pushers want access to what UK holidaymakers are splashing their hard earned money on in a move which has been slammed as a serious and possibly illegal breach of civil liberties.

The draconian new laws, proposed by Jean-Claude Juncker s EU Commission, have been drawn up under the guise of combatting lone wolf terror attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis.

But they could mean that millions of Britons travelling abroad for holidays on the continent are dragged into a sinister surveillance campaign, with their spending records being trawled even though they have done nothing wrong

Men lured girl, 13, to hotel room before raping her and taking …

SWNS The pair have been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment Ismail Ali, and Naheem Uddin, both 26, abused the child after picking her up in their car as they cruised a city centre looking for a victim.

The sickening rapists behaved like animals and ripped her jeans as they yanked them from her legs.

They took photographs of their victim while they abused her then threw her shoes and knickers from the bedroom window before leaving