Could this turn your vacation videos into masterpieces?

Software sifts through footage to pick out holiday highlights

Students’ program picks the best highlights from lengthy holiday videos It singles out significant segments using GPS data and artistic criteria It whittled 26.5 hours of footage down to a neat 38-second show reel | 3 View comments Filming holiday adventures may be fun at the time, but many of us leave memory cards full of footage languishing in a drawer when we return, or clips uploaded to a computer unwatched.

Holy crab!

Stunning holiday snap shows fearless tourist holding a monstrous crustacean that feasts on rats and can crack a coconut with its powerful…

Fearless holidaymaker Mark Pierrot picked up a coconut crab and posed fora photo in the Christmas Island jungle Weighing up to 9lbs and measuring 3ft in length, the alien-like crustacean is the largest crab in the world Threatened by hunters, the coconut crab’s meat is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac on some islands | View comments A fearless tourist has returned home with the holiday snap of a lifetime after he encountered a giant crab on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

Mark Pierrot was bold enough to pick up the massive coconut crab and hold it for the camera as he visited the jungle on Christmas Island.