Blue Christmas (What To Do When The Holidays Hurt)

Blue Christmas (What To Do When The Holidays Hurt) Tis the season

For many people these are days of magic and wonder, a time when hope rises and peace falls and where miracles begin to feel commonplace. They are moments of joyous reunions and fierce embraces and boisterous laughter and crowded tables, all accompanied by waves of easy gratitude. Christmas is for lots of folks, a time when Goodness has the run of the house in their hearts.

To them, it is sweet and possible and glittering with promise.

But you are not one of those people, and that s what makes this season so much more difficult to endure. Your days are not merry and bright, in a time when the rest of the world s seem to be and so the normal cavern between you and everyone around you feels wider than usual, the isolation more severe, the disconnect greater.

You seem to find estrangement everywhere you look.

Christmas is here and Christmas hurts.

Maybe it s because of the chairs

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