Roy Hodgson wants clubs to help his France 2016 bid

Roy Hodgson has begun consultations with the Football Association over England s preparations for Euro 2016 but admits he is sceptical over the prospect of securing more time with his squad. An agreement exists between the Premier League and the FA that England will be given four clear weeks or as close as possible at the end of a season leading into a tournament in which to prepare their players. The current Premier League season ends on May 15, with the first game at next summer s finals in France scheduled for June 10. The England manager refused to be drawn on the specifics of what he may propose, but in the past he has revealed his frustration at England s leading clubs embarking on lucrative post-season overseas tours. Captain Wayne Rooney has also spoken of his regret at taking a Discount Holidays © holiday in Las Vegas shortly before Euro 2012.

The FA yesterday confirmed that England will be based in Chantilly next June and announced a friendly in November against Spain as part of a series of high-profile fixtures designed to test themselves against the best sides at next summer s finals in France. And asked why that tournament will be different to previous ones which have ended in failure, Hodgson said: It will all depend on the year ahead and how well we continue what we see as an improvement in our performances, our style of play and the way we work together.

Also, how much backing we get, maybe, for some of our ideas from the FA and possibly the Premier League because it would be nice if one or two of the ideas that will be mooted in due course didn t fall upon deaf ears.

For us it is a question of using the time we have got in the best possible way. But if there were other things that could be done which could help with access, we will look into them.

But I am very sanguine about it and don t expect too much because I have also been a club coach and they have got to win matches too. They have got an awful lot of pressure. We can t expect them to be doing things for us any more than they can expect us to be doing things for them.

We are starting to sit down with the hierarchy of the FA to find out what we think could be done to give ourselves the best possible chance.

I m in the throes of preparing what I want to say to them when we have that meeting. Whether that will then involve the Premier League, that s another matter.

I don t want to go into details about that at the moment. Let me get the game out of the way against Switzerland which I regard as exceptionally important and two matches in October which interest me enormously because it might give me a chance to rest some players who have played a lot of matches and give some I would like to see play 90 minutes a chance to play.

When that is done, we will have these important friendlies and a draw looming up in France and that I think will be the moment to go into more detail on this. I know what a national team manager has in terms of time with the players. It is not going to change enormously.

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