Dog Blog: Small Steps

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trackback 1 2 After his operation relating to his Aural Haematoma, Dexter is required to wear what our friend Ursula calls an Elizabethan Collar .

I started by taking him out separately for a short walk down the street (and back across my neighbours backyard, since he was on holiday).

What I did during my summer holidays!

Off on an Odyssey Please excuse the longish intermission between blogs!

I m back in the land of speeding Internet after an all too brief odyssey along a few gorgeous canals in the UK.

Now that I m back, I m hoping to share with you some of the sights and sounds I experienced along the way.

Back From Holiday … | Courtney's Sound World

Dear All, I am back from France so I will restart the lists shortly and then restart Song of the Day a week on Monday.

Had a great time and saw lots of interesting things, including many war sites along the way, Paris and of course, the glorious Alps.

I am a bit bruised and battered from throwing myself down a mountain on a mountain bike and got sunburnt in the excessive heat