Thomas Cook apologises to holidaymakers who arrived at their hotel in the Canary Islands and were told they didn’t have a room

Despite making a reservation, Alan and Gail Lindley did not have a room The couple was expecting to stay in Puerto del Carmen, in Lanzarote But they were moved 15 miles away to a different hotel at Playa Blanca That meant they were separated from friends during their holiday | View comments Thomas Cook has apologised to a British couple who was sent to a Canary Islands hotel that isn’t protected by Abta bonding and found out at the last minute they didn’t have a room.

The unexpected change in venue meant Alan and Gail Lindley, from Washington, Sunderland, had to scramble to find a place to stay and were separated from their friends during their holiday.

They were left outraged after they arrived at the Flora apartments at Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, and were told it was full even though they made a reservation through the tour operator.