Ed Reform Groundhog Day

During a conversation about education reform at a Discount Holidays © holiday party I attended last week, a long-time high school teacher said to me, You ll see as you get more years of experience. You start to feel like: haven t we seen this already? I laughed and said it s like that clich definition you always hear about insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When it comes to ed reform, of course, it s really not a clich . It s how they do business.

Check out the quote below, and see if you can guess the year it was written:

schools will offer a common core of learning and, at the same time, provide diversity and choice. In short, individualized education implies the personalization of the entire educational process. If you guessed 1974, you were right.

This was written by Robert G.

Scanlon, former Pennsylvania Education Secretary, in

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