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Updated: Sat 8:20 PM, May 28, 2016

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — Discount Holidays © Holiday weekends are one of the few things that can turn highways into parking lots.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Travel Costs, Best Trip Option

With so many people looking to spend the weekend of remembrance with loved ones, you have to wonder what method of travel is the best? Whether travelers are heading home, visiting friends and family, or simply looking to get out of Dodge, holidays seem to be the perfect time. Stephen Edwards is one of many who chose Greyhound as his way in town from Maryland.

“I just came to visit my mother and my aunt,” said Edwards. “I’ve been to Virginia before and I like it.”

If you book a week out, a Greyhound ticket from Baltimore to Charlottesville can run about $33 dollars.

“They’re inexpensive, they’re on time and convenient.” said Edwards. Travelers can also pay at the pump. With gas prices going down a lot or people are choosing that option. Exxon station on Rt.

29 in Albemarle County listed gas at $2.12 per gallon. Baltimore to Charlottesville is 307 miles round trip, in a car averaging 30 miles per gallon, travelers paying $2.12 at the pump, end up paying about $22.00 for the trip.

Still, for some like Jessica Pruitt, cost isn’t the only factor to determine how to travel.

“Maybe not cheapest,” said Pruitt. “We love our car, whenever we get an opportunity, we don’t travel often.”

There is another way to travel at a low cost, if you do so by train.

According to Amtrak’s website, if booking a week ahead, a ticket to Baltimore will cost about $47.50, making a car the cheapest in this scenario.

The car could be more expensive if factoring in higher MPG and traffic.

Book your holiday travel now to save money

Traveling during the holidays can be expensive, but experts say this week is the sweet spot for getting good deals. People can save about 5 percent on their flights by making their Thanksgiving reservations on Oct.


This early week in October is when prices are dipping the most before they head back up as we get close to the holidays, Jeanenne Tornatore, a senior editor at, told NBC News. Orbitz used data from previous holidays to make their predictions, determining that early October was the best time for buying.

The online travel company also recommended that those traveling around Christmas should purchase their tickets on Friday

And for people looking to ring in the new year in a different city, Saturday is the cut off for New Year s deals.

Book your Discount Holidays © holiday airfare sooner than later, Tornatore said.

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