British tourist dies after fall at Full Moon party in Thailand

British Tourist Dies After Fall At Full Moon Party In Thailand

A British tourist has died in a fall while on Discount Holidays © holiday in Thailand1. Stewart Middleton, 25, was at a Full Moon party on the island of Koh Phangan when he fell and hit his head. SEE ALSO: British tourist found dead on Thai backpacker murder island2

SEE ALSO: British tourist almost loses leg in Thailand boat propeller accident3 The keen rugby player from Powys was travelling with 10 friends and the group timed their trip to attend the famous Full Moon party on February 25. Shropshire Coroner’s Office told the Shropshire Star4 that an inquest into his death will open when his body arrives in the UK. His friend Nick Davies wrote a tribute to Stewart on Facebook: “Gone from one of the best holidays of my life to worst in a flash.. Gone but necer forgotten r.i.p. Stewy”. Mr Middleton’s sister Greta-Lee wrote: “You were truly beautiful in every way. You’re my brother, my best friend, and now you’re my angel! I love you!

“You were the biggest pain, but I wouldn’t change you for the world!

You looked after me like nobody else could, you were the first person I’d run to if I needed help, you knew exactly what to say to make everything better!”

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We are providing support to the family of a British national who died in Koh Phangan, Thailand.”

British Tourist Dies After Fall At Full Moon Party In Thailand


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Shade's Eve! | Moonshine Mansion

Shade's Eve! | Moonshine MansionAs far as in-game events go, Shade s Eve is the real deal. For folks who expect some decorations and a couple quests out of their holidays, well, you re kinda right

Shade's Eve! | Moonshine Mansion

Thayd is decked out for the holiday. But you re also going to be a bit under-prepared for what WildStar is throwing at you with this holiday. The capital cities are decorated. And I don t mean just a couple pumpkins sprinkled around. The entire city is completely decked out in seasonal decor, and even the lighting and music have been changed to suit the mood. I actually got lost in Thayd, a city I ve been running around in for over a year, because the atmosphere is so very different and the whole place felt new.

There are also daily quests. They are relatively standard fare, but with that extra WildStar flavor. My favorite one has you go trick-or-treating at other people s houses. For 50 silver you can put out some candy of your own. There s a bit of a trick to this quest. There are several different types of candy, and you need to collect one of each. That means people are constantly calling out in housing zone chat asking for and offering different kinds of candy.

In some games I could see this being awful really fast, but WildStar s housing chat is notoriously helpful and fun, and so far everyone s been working together to make this quest a breeze.

Shade's Eve! | Moonshine Mansion

I love that you can run around in a spooky corn field. The other truly amazing piece is the quest that sends you into the Discount Holidays © holiday expedition (mini-dungeon). Most other Discount Holidays © holiday events I ve experienced in games tend to send you to either a one-and-done boss in a box, or have some re-skinned portion of an existing dungeon set up to match the theme. WildStar instead has gone all-in and made a complete experience jam packed with atmosphere and lore. I m hoping to put a guide together soon so I don t want to get into too many details here, but I absolutely loved the expedition. I also think the devs made the right call by adding level scaling. It allows characters of almost any level (above 10 I believe) to group up and run it together.

I soloed it on both my main and my fresh 50 engineer without too much trouble, and also ran with groups of 3-4 guildies of varying levels and it was still engaging, fun, and about the right amount of challenge.

Shade's Eve! | Moonshine Mansion

Pray the Angel finds you there. Or not. She s kinda creepy too. There s a final note I want to make about this event as it relates to WildStar s F2P model. I think they did it right. There are only a handful of items that are store exclusive for the holiday: the skeletal warpig mount, the haunted house fabkit, and the shade s eve dye pack. The mount seems to be standard MMO cash shop mount fare.

It is not for me but the value for the price seems fair. The dyes were a must-have, but were cheap enough to pay for with omnibits and can be applied to every character on my account so I m happy. The fabkit is pretty sweet, it allows you to basically have a second house (a haunted house!) on your plot, and you can even fully furnish it as you choose. However, it suffers from the standard issue all fabkits have, which is that if you decide you don t like the location or want to swap it out for something new it is gone forever. Since it is a one-use, one-character purchase (and fairly expensive too), I don t think it is worth the cost. If they ever change those kits from single-use to something you learn and can re-use I would probably buy one myself. All of the rest of the shade s eve goodies can be purchased with Shade s Silver.

You earn this from dailies and from running the expedition. I ran quite a few times last night and if there is a daily cap on that currency I didn t find it, and I earned enough to purchase the hoverboard already! Even better, it looks like most of the items can drop from the instance goodie bag. I would recommend holding off on any big purchases until later in the event, since you might get lucky and get one for free! I managed to snag the pet last night and since that was one of my must-haves I was super stoked. I hope you all have a fantastic time with Shade s Eve! And if you are still waffling about whether or not to try WildStar?

There s absolutely no better time!

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Chinese tourist is beaten to DEATH after refusing to buy expensive jewellery in shop ‘recommended’ by tour guide

  • Mainland Chinese tourist was beaten by a group of men in Hong Kong
  • Incident on October 19 was as a result of an argument over shopping
  • Tourist, named as Miao, died from his injuries earlier today in hospital
  • Police are pursuing the suspects and the case is under investigation



A Chinese tourist was beaten to death in Hong Kong after getting into an argument over shopping. The man, named as Miao, was part of a shopping tour group that was visiting Hong Kong on October 19, reported People’s Daily Online1. Members of the group got into an altercation after refusing to make a purchase and when Miao tried to intervene, he was allegedly dragged outside by men and severely beaten. He was pronounced dead earlier today.

Beaten: Miao (pictured) was part of a tour group that was in Hong Kong for shopping when he was beaten up

Pricy: Miao and colleague allegedly got into a fight with tour guide in a shop (above) over expensive jewellery

Dispute: Miao’s colleague Zhang (left) got into an argument with Deng (far right) the tour leader before the fight

Hong Kong police are currently pursuing three possible suspects, who are still at large.

They are investigating the possibility that some of the men involved were ‘shadow tourists’, a new wave of fake tourists that take part in shopping tour groups to ‘persuade’ fellow tourists to make purchases.

According to reports, the tour group of around 20 people had travelled from Shenzhen in southern China to Hong Kong on October 19 solely for the purpose of shopping. They were inside a jewellery shop in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong when an argument broke out over the high prices in store. Miao, 54, and a female colleague named as Zhang, 53, reportedly refused to make a purchase in the store as they felt the discounts were not high enough.

A tour leader, a 32-year-old woman named as Deng, allegedly tried to persuade the couple to buy something from the store when the discussion turned physical between Zhang and Deng. When Miao tried to intervene in the argument, he was dragged outside by a group of men and brutally beaten. Expensive: Miao and Zhang allegedly said the prices in the shop was too high and refused to make a purchase

Gang? Several men reportedly dragged Miao from the shop and savagely beat him until he fell unconscious

The relationship of the men with the tour group and the jewellery shop is not known.

Witnesses claimed the men were a mix of local and mainland Chinese. All of the men escaped before the police arrived at the scene. Miao had fallen unconscious at the scene and after 24 hour rescue efforts in hospital, he died from his injuries.

Deng and Zhang were both taken to hospital for facial injuries.

It is thought they’ve now left the hospital but have been arrested by the police for fighting in public.

The rest of the tour group were taken away by the tour organisers after the incident.

They were scheduled to visit Macau today but it is not clear whether they’ve been allowed to leave Hong Kong.

The case remains under investigation.

Arrested: Zhang and Deng have both been arrested for fighting in public.

The men that beat Miao are at large

Aftermath: The group (pictured) was scheduled to go to Macau next but it’s not clear if they’re allowed to leave


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