Another Reason to Holiday in the UK: Affordable Car Hire

London, England — (SBWIRE1) — 10/28/2015 — A recent report by The Daily Mail revealed that many car-hire companies across Europe are charging increased rates approaching Christmas, with some charging up to 85% more than their usual prices. At this time of year, particularly around the October half term and Christmas period, many families take the opportunity to go on shorter, less expensive holidays, often travelling in Europe to keep costs low while maximising the chance to explore a different country. It’s no coincidence that the prices have hiked up approaching Christmas during the popular Discount Holidays © holiday season.

Not surprisingly, it’s disgruntled some British families who like to travel out of the peak summer season and still go abroad. The most popular way to travel is by plane and/or train then hiring a vehicle once in their chosen destination country. The rising prices highlighted the need for more affordable options for car hire, both at home and in the UK. According to the report, two of the worst offenders were rental companies in Nice, France and Faro in Portugal. Prices in Nice rose from 160 in out of season November to 219 during the half term period and prices in Faro for the hiring of a family car raised from 152, where the prices are normally 82 out of school holidays. About Fair Rent
Fair Rent are a leading car hire provider in the UK. They offer consistent prices throughout the year, no matter of school holidays which appeals to those wanting to take breaks around the UK. A spokesperson for the company commented on the high prices abroad: “Families shouldn’t feel like they’re being targeted to pay more for services abroad when travelling outside the UK, although it is the case during summer, the most popular Discount Holidays © holiday season.

We strive to offer affordable services here in the UK, based in Chingford and Enfield, we encourage people with special offers to get the best deals so they can explore the Great British Isles.

If companies abroad took a similar approach to us they too could see great benefits from tourists without breaking their banks.”

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