New service offers travellers professional drone footage of their vacation

World 1 August 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm As more and more wanderlust-inducing drone footage from amazing destinations 2 is shared on social media, a luxury travel company has launched a new service that will send an expert drone photographer along on your next trip to capture it all from above.

Black Tomato has created the Drone the World service, which is designed to bring travellers to some of the world s most remote places and leave them with a unique souvenir an exclusive drone video of their vacation 3

world mental health day: october 10, 2015

World Mental Health Day, which is supported by the United Nations (UN), is annually held on October 10 to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide.

This event promotes open discussions on illnesses, as well as investments in prevention and treatment services.

The best desert holidays and tours

Maybe Mark Twain captured it best.

In his far-foraging travelogue The Innocents Abroad, published in 1869, Samuel Clemens (Twain s real name) cast his gaze across the hard landscape of what is now Israel and appraised the scene with bleak fascination