NHS doctors claim loophole is turning UK into hotspot for health tourists

A loophole in NHS policy on how non-resident patients are charged has made the UK a hotspot for health tourists, doctors have claimed. Under current policy anyone “ordinarily resident” in the UK can avail themselves of free health care, and this can be claimed from day one of arriving in the UK, with “health tourists” allegedly quoting friends or relatives addresses as their own. A cancer consultant in London, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Express1 that the number of patients coming to the UK for non-emergency treatment is increasing.

When asked how many “health tourists” they treat, the consultant said: “My team alone treats at least one patient a week in this category and if you multiply that across the whole NHS, that s an awful lot of people.”

One doctor claimed that a Spanish visitor had received cancer treatment and drugs worth 200,000 by quoting his friend s address. Writing in the Daily Mail2, surgeon J. Meirion Thomas claims the issue stems from “misplaced liberalism.” As well as foreign patients, “any expatriate Briton can return after any length of absence and claim to be ordinarily resident here, regardless of whether they intend to stay,” Thomas claims

In April last year, a 200 surcharge was introduced by the NHS for immigrants who come to the UK for more than six months.

An article in the British Medical Journal claimed the surcharge was detrimental to the NHS, as it resulted in untreated immigrants being forced to use emergency services at a higher cost to the NHS.

The article also pointed out that the 618,000 undocumented migrants living in the UK contribute to the economy via employment and purchase of goods and services.


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The Event That Was: August Holiday Boot Camp 2015 «

The Event That Was: August Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp 20151

Posted on August 28, 20152 Updated on August 28, 20153

The Event That Was: August <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Boot Camp 2015 «

@iLabAfrica4, Strathmore University organized a 10-day Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp for Primary and High School Students. The program took place at @iLabAfrica from 10th August to 21st August 2015. The event was sponsored by some of @iBizAfrica s incubatees namely Tatu Creatives, Elite Ways and Henga Systems.

The sponsors were generous enough to donate prizes and thank you cards that were awarded to the students during the award ceremony that was held on 21st August 2015 at Safaricom Lab, @iLabAfrica. The award ceremony was presided over by @iLabAfrica s Deputy Director Mr. Emmanuel Kweyu. The Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp is a 2 week program designed to motivate and inspire the students to bring their creative ideas to life. The students created their own games, animated stories, projects, and published their applications to the web.

The Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp provides a comprehensive learning experience that is amazingly fun, highly interactive and extremely effective. These are just a few of the concepts the students were taught:

  • Creating 3D animation
  • Designing websites
  • Learning to code
  • Making mobile applications
  • Designing video games
  • And so much more

The speakers who graced the event and gave motivational talks to the students included: Frank Tamre from Moringa School, Angela Nzioki from Uhasibu, Toby Bodo from Watu Media, Njuru Mwangi of, Lilian Makanga from Strathmore Law School and finally Allan Onchuru from @iLabAfrica. The next Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp is scheduled for 23rd November to 4th December 2015.

For further questions, comments and/or suggestions about the Discount Holidays © Holiday Boot Camp, please contact @iLabAfrica on 0724 239 020 or Email:


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