UK based travel and lifestyle company to design holidays around football leagues

Tasmayee Laha Roy, ET Bureau Aug 13, 2015, 08.20PM IST (Thanks to UK based luxury ) KOLKATA: Football enthusiasts1 in the country can now have access to all their favourites international matches and also get to meet their favourite players-all with their own customised travel packages designed exclusively for them around football leagues2 globally.

Thanks to UK based luxury travel and lifestyle3 company Premier Explore4 who announced their setting up of their head office in Kolkata. Established in 2014, the company is not just has bespoke travel packages around football matches but also offers exclusive stadium access, five-star hospitality and even player meet-and-greets. “Football is the second most followed sport in India now, after cricket.

Acknowledging the country’s appetite for football, Premier Explore saw the opportunity to provide unique match day experiences to the most avid fans, working alongside prestigious clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool,” said Peter Watts, Founder of Premier Explore. The company already has grand plans to offer VIP match-day experience this English Premier League that started early this month. Premier Explore’s packages for the EPL matches would include VIP stadium entrance, behind the scenes stadium tours, champagne reception, pre-match fine dining, complimentary bar, private box/lounge, the best seats in the stadium, signed souvenirs and even the opportunity to meet some of the EPL’s world-renowned players.

In addition to the EPL, Premier Explore will soon offer packages for other popular sporting events including Wimbledon at the All England Tennis Club.


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