Holiday beauty mistakes and how to avoid them

14 JULY 2015

We’ve all been there, you re enjoying your Discount Holidays © holiday until you have a beauty mishap. Hair starting to turn green from too much time in the pool, accidentally going over the top with fake tan and looking down to find chipped nails are just some of the most common Discount Holidays © holiday beauty disasters.

Now the beauty experts at have revealed ten Discount Holidays © holiday beauty mistakes and the best ways to avoid them to help prevent these problems.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Beauty Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Patchy SPF application

If you’re rushing out to get the best spot by the pool or are having a midday touch up, it’s easy to miss patches when applying sun cream. The only thing worse than regular sunburn is a silly sunburnt patch.

Solution: Use a spray SPF rather than a lotion to ensure you don’t miss anywhere.


Overdoing the fake tan before you go

Before your holiday, it’s tempting to self-tan to avoid looking pasty when you get to the beach. Sometimes, a spray tan can look a little much and you’ll come home looking less tanned than when you left.

Solution: Use a gradual tanner in the run-up to your trip so that you can monitor your tan and avoid going overboard.

3. Skipping moisturiser

Whether it’s because you re feeling lazy or you substitute moisturiser for sun cream, this is a big no.

Air conditioning and hot weather both dry out skin, which isn’t only uncomfortable but also makes sunburn worse!

Solution: Pack a light moisturiser that includes aloe vera and apply before your sun cream each morning.

4. Wearing too much make-up

Being out in the sun can leave make-up looking lackluster and if you pile it on it just gets worse. Too much powder, in particular, can leave your make-up looking cakey.

Solution: Pack a BB cream with SPF in it and waterproof mascara and keep it simple on the beach.


Green hair after being in the pool

The water from swimming pools can leave blonde hair with a slight green-hue that most agree isn’t a good look! If you’re spending the week in the pool, this is something you ll want to combat.

Solution: Bring a UV spray to protect your hair.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Beauty Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

6. Dry hair from being in the sea

The sea is a key culprit for leaving your hair dry and dull, since too much salt is bad for your hair.

If you find your hair difficult to tame after a day at the beach, you’ll know where we’re coming from!

Solution: Soak your hair with clean water before you go in the sea to create a barrier from seawater and bring along a Tangle Teezer.

7. Frizzy hair

A change in climate often leads to a change in the way hair acts, and it’s not always for the better. By the end of the holiday, flyaways and frizzy hair aren’t uncommon.

Solution: Use a deep conditioning treatment to keep hair looking smooth and add some to water to spray your hair with for touch ups.


Dry, cracked feet

While sandals may look nice, they aren’t the best for your feet. If you’ve spent a bit too long wearing flip flops, you might find the skin on your feet hard and drier than usual.

Solution: Apply a foot cream or rich moisturiser to your feet before bed.

9. Tan lines

Getting back to the hotel after a busy day and noticing you’re looking tanned is great, until you change into another top and find that you have terrible tan lines!

Solution: Go for a strapless bikini and move your position often to get an even tan.


Chipped nails

There’s nothing more annoying than looking down at your freshly painted nails and finding the colour has chipped away, especially when you re on Discount Holidays © holiday and just want to relax.

Solution: Gel nails generally last a lot longer than regular nail polish, so opt for these to keep nails looking good.

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