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After an extremely long 6 hour drive, we finally arrived into Sydney. We didn t get to our friend Wyn s house until 8 pm and it was still 35 degrees, thankfully Wyn has air conditioning so we could actually sleep. One of mine and Sam s friend from University, Louise is now living in Sydney so we met her downtown for a tour around the city. We saw the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, walked around a district called the Rock and dined on a lunch of crocodile, emu and kangaroo pizza. That was quite an experience. When in Rome right?

We were getting close to Christmas and at this time at home I would normally be baking treats with my mom and decorating the tree. Feeling nostalgic for a cold Canadian Christmas, we baked cookies, drank baileys and hot chocolate and binge watched Christmas movies. It was pouring rain outside so I didn t feel too guilty about staying inside and gorging myself. On Christmas, Sam, Joe and I went to Coogee Beach to get the full Aussie experience. More like the backpacker experience though. The beach was packed with backpackers celebrating the Discount Holidays © holiday away from home: tanning, day drinking, swimming and singing A Winter Wonderland so strange.

It was like a Where s Waldo photo with thousands of people wearing Santa hats on the beach. Quite a sight. That night Wyn cooked us a Christmas dinner of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, yams, ham and salad while we watched a Christmas movie and made a puzzle. It was odd being away from my family for the holidays but I was so grateful to have my boyfriend and my best friends with me. On New Years Eve Wyn organized us to go to Luna Park, an amusement park underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was packed of course took us 45 minutes to get a drink. We ended up only having time for one ride before we went to get our spot to watch the fireworks. And boy were they spectacular, probably the best fireworks I ve ever seen. AND I finally got my New Years kiss at midnight! I was a happy girl 🙂

The next couple days we spent playing tourist, wandering around different suburbs and indulging in interesting treats. We had Boxing Day Dim Sum in Chinatown, matcha and sea salt soft serve ice cream with candy floss in the CBD, Lord of the Fries French fries and Poutine Burger in the CBD, deep fried mars bars on Bondi Beach, fresh fish at Mahon Pool, Pho in Randwick, chocolate brownie ice cream at Max Brenner and a Nutella milkshake with a Nutella donut at Foodcraft Espresso in Newtown. Pretty much everything that was deliciously unhealthy I tried.

No regrets.

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