How to avoid getting caught up in a holiday travel scam

It’s the worst thing that could possibly happen.
Going on holiday is probably one of the most exciting times ever (it is for us anyway). Absolutely nothing beats knowing that in a few days time you’ll be on your way to a hot, exotic place instead of sl…

How to avoid the most common travel scam

Going on holiday should be a relaxing experience full of ice-creams, cheap sangria and sun tanning, but a new report reveals over 5,000 British travellers were left out of pocket after falling victim to holiday-related scams last year. Agh.The majority…

Avoid the holiday from hell: Top travel tips to consider if you're heading abroad for the October break

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AS the gloomier weather of Autumn hits, many Scots families will be heading abroad for a break during the October school holidays.
Here are some pointers and useful links to make sure you come back from your break wi…