British Airways flight loses luggage of family on Florida holiday

A father-of-two claims his family was left stranded for five days on a 3,000 family Discount Holidays © holiday to Florida when British Airways left their luggage – including vital medication – back in the UK. Paul Hardman, 31, and wife Vicky, 37, from Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, were supposed to be enjoying their first family Discount Holidays © holiday with their two children Ted, one, Lily, three, and Paul’s mother Debbie Hardman. However the family say they ended up battling with BA for five days to be reunited with all their belongings, as they were left without clothes, toiletries and Ted’s pram.

They were also left without thyroid and blood-thinning medication for Debbie, 52, who has had her thyroid removed and suffers from deep vein thrombosis. The family spent more than 450 replacing items and airport transfer costs – which amounts to half of their 900 Discount Holidays © holiday spending money.

British Airways Flight Loses Luggage Of Family On Florida Holiday

Discount Holidays © Holiday hell: Paul Hardman, 31, and wife Vicky, 37, were supposed to be enjoying a dream trip to Florida with their children Ted, one, Lily, three, and Paul’s mum Debbie. But their luggage and Debbie’s medication for thyroid trouble went missing for five days

Mr Hardman, a customer service assistant, described it as ‘the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.’

He added: ‘Instead of starting the Discount Holidays © holiday all excited and happy as we should have been, we were stressed and upset.

British Airways Flight Loses Luggage Of Family On Florida Holiday

Debbie Hardman, right, was left lethargic and struggling to walk as a result of not having her medication. She’s pictured with her daughter-in-law Vicky at Disney World.

‘Losing all your luggage is horrible at any time but when you are away from home with two very young children it is incredibly difficult.

‘And the worry we went through with my mum’s medication was awful.’

Debbie Hardman, a retired elderly care worker, said this ruined her holiday.

‘After going without medication for five days I ve been so tired – I ve been losing concentration easily and have just felt so sluggish.’

The family arrived at Manchester Airport on August 17 excited to embark on their first family Discount Holidays © holiday together. But excitement turned to disappointment when they discovered their flight to London Heathrow was delayed by six hours and they would miss their Florida flight. The family was re-booked onto a Philadelphia flight and reassured by staff that their bags would be in the hold.

But arriving in Philadelphia 16 hours after leaving home, Mr Hardman was told the luggage wasn’t on the flight as promised but back in Heathrow. The family say they were forced to stay in a hotel overnight and boarded a flight to Florida the next day, forcing them to lose a day out of their 13-day break. Mr Hardman says he had to buy new items including clothes, toiletries, food and a pram for Ted, totalling 340 in addition to the 2,000 he’d already paid for flights and 120 ‘non refundable’ airport transfer costs.

This meant their Discount Holidays © holiday spending money was halved, meaning they had to forgo numerous planned trips such as a visit to SeaWorld.

British Airways Flight Loses Luggage Of Family On Florida Holiday

Instead of spending their first night in Florida, the family got stranded in Philadelphia instead

Paul’s wife Vicky, who works in customer service, said: ‘I was shocked at how poorly British Airways treated us, not one person offered to help us out when we were trying to find our bags.’

A spokeswoman for BA said they recommend that customers carry essential items and medication in their hand luggage.

She added: ‘We are sorry for this upsetting experience and the inconvenience that was caused by this lapse in our service.

‘We are in touch with our customer to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.’

Thai military detains 15 over tourist town attacks

By Afp1

Published: 11:24 GMT, 18 August 2016 | Updated: 11:24 GMT, 18 August 2016

Thailand’s junta on Thursday detained at least 15 suspects at military barracks on suspicion of launching a string of deadly bomb and arson attacks against tourist resort towns last week. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing spree, which hit tourist towns in the country’s south last Thursday and Friday, killing four and wounding dozens, including European visitors. The attacks were highly unusual in a country where foreigners and tourist towns are rarely caught up in the country’s frequent bouts of political violence.

Thai Military Detains 15 Over Tourist Town Attacks

Thai forensic specialists collect evidence from the crime scene after a bomb exploded in the tourist town of Hua Hin on August 12, 2016 Munir Uz Zaman (APF/AFP/File)

Investigators have been under huge pressure to make quick arrests. Tourism accounts for as much as 10 percent of Thailand’s GDP and is one of the kingdom’s few economic bright spots under junta rule. On Thursday, investigators confirmed they had detained multiple suspects.

“Authorities have detained 17 suspects at the special 11th Army Circle barracks in Bangkok but we released two of them,” Colonel Burin Tongprapai, the junta’s top legal advisor, told reporters on Thursday.

He added that authorities were now looking to re-detain those two released suspects and that the entire group were likely to be charged on Friday. Colonel Burin’s comments highlight the primary role the military have played in the investigation and is the first official admission that scores of suspects have been held since the bombings on army barracks. Local human rights groups had previously said more than a dozen suspects were being held without access to lawyers and called for greater transparency in the investigation.

Thailand is currently ruled by the military, which seized power in 2014 and awarded themselves widespread powers to hold suspects.

– Murky motives –

Authorities have remained tight-lipped on the motive of the perpetrators of last week’s attack or the identities of anyone detained. But police and the military quickly ruled out international terrorism, saying the perpetrators were “local saboteurs”. The assaults struck on the Queen’s birthday — a national holiday — just days after a controversial military-crafted constitution was passed in a referendum vote where independent campaigning was banned.

A number of analysts say the most likely culprits are therefore ethnic Muslim militants who have fought a lengthy but local insurgency in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces. The attacks bore many hallmarks of the southern insurgents, who never claim their operations, including coordinated multiple strikes and the type of devices used. But the junta leadership has been adamant that the deep south conflict has not spread north, fearful that such an admission might harm tourism.

Instead they have hinted at involvement of factions within the so-called “Red Shirt” movement loyal to ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra. The military toppled Thaksin in 2006 sparking years of debilitating protests culminating in a second coup against an elected administration run by his sister Yingluck in 2014. The Red Shirts have denied any suggestion of involvement and accused the junta of using the bomb blasts to roll out a fresh crackdown against them.

No details were given on Thursday about the identity of the 17 suspects, their faith, their alleged motives or what they will be charged with. The army barracks where the suspects are being detained is controversial. A special military prison was set up there after the junta seized power to hold high value suspects.

Two former aides of Thailand’s Crown Prince who were arrested for royal defamation died in custody at the barracks and were quickly cremated in yet to be fully explained circumstances. A third suspect in that investigation remains incarcerated there. Two Chinese nationals accused of involvement in last summer’s bomb attack against a Bangkok religious shrine — an attack that left 20 dead — are also being held there.

The motives for that attack remain murky although the pair’s trial begins next week.

Anthony Davis, a security analyst at Janes IHS, said regardless of whoever was behind last week’s bombings, they were a “watershed moment” because they singled out the tourism trade.

“Whoever is responsible for this may well come back,” he told AFP.

“And if that’s the case, then the tourism industry is at very serious risk.”

Thai Military Detains 15 Over Tourist Town Attacks

Blasts in Thailand

Thai Military Detains 15 Over Tourist Town Attacks

Police tape cordons off burned buildings at the site of a bomb blast and arson attack on Bang Niang market, Takua Pa, near Khao Lak, Thailand on August 12, 2016 Jerome Taylor (AFP/File)

Thai Military Detains 15 Over Tourist Town Attacks

Police inspect a near-empty parking lot where the popular night market should have been held, following blasts in the Thai resort town of Hua Hin on August 12, 2016 Lillian Suwanrumpha (AFP/File)


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Holiday romances and dirty socks: Ronaldo’s vacation pretty much the same as yours… except with added Kim Kardashian

After the rigours of Euro 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo was one of many footballers given a bit of extra time off by his club to recuperate ahead of the start of the new season. And in the Portuguese star s case, he s probably been given more time than most thanks to the fact that he picked up an injury in the final of the tournament which is likely to keep him out for most of August. CR7 is clearly doing his best not to get too downhearted about the enforced lay-off, however, and instead is letting his hair down in rare style over in the States where it appears he might even have picked up a new girlfriend.

To be honest, everything he s been up to sunbathing, partying, flirting is more or less the same as any other young, single man would do on holiday.

Except, of course, with a few more celebrities involved.

Here he is, for example, partying with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian:

Here s Ronnie with Irish motormouth MMA star Conor McGregor:

Here he is, er, posing with some people:

And here is the absolute pick of the bunch Ronaldo keeping it real by proving that even superstars run out of clean socks while on holiday:

Ghost ride!1

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Aug 1, 2016 at 5:57pm PDT

(Also, is it just us, or does his choice of footwear also look suspiciously like those free bathroom slippers you get in hotels?)

And finally, here s the potential Discount Holidays © holiday romance: Ronaldo getting close to (as the tabloids put it) a fitness model wihle splashing around in a Miami swimming pool:


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