Any Bloggers Flying Solo (EST) As 2016 Comes In?

I m going into 2016 with a keyboard, laptop screen and a tumbler of Gentleman Jack mixed with cola.

In short, I m flying solo.

If you re a blogger or reader that s out there flying solo as the New Year comes in and are looking for someplace to unwind unload I ve just given you one the comment section of The GeoGee Experience blog

Fresh Week, Fresh Nails: Week 6 – Summer Holiday Special

My FWFN posts are back and what better way to continue this journey than to jump right back into it with a holiday special. I m jetting off to the Amalfi Coast with 3 of my girl friends next week and believe me, I am in dire need of a break. Holiday mode is starting to kick in as the day draws near and all I have on my mind is sun, sea and food!

Ah I cannot wait to experience what the Amalfi Coast has to offer.