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Pro Bike: Bradley Wiggins’s Pinarello Dogma F8 from the Tour of Britain

A spectacular, patriotic bike for Bradley Wiggins’s last ever road race at the Tour of Britain Bradley Wiggins had a very special steed for his last road race Credit: Andy Jones According to Cycling Weekly s very own ranking system, Bradley Wiggins 1 is the fourth most successful British road rider of all time 2 , but once you through in the eight Olympic track medals that make him the most successful British Olympian, it s hard to argue that he isn t the greatest all round cyclist that these islands have ever produced.

The top tube is a celebration of Wiggins s palmar s (Photo: Andy Jones) It therefore seemed only right that, riding in his last ever road race at the Tour of Britain 3 , Wiggins should be given a very special Pinarello Dogma F8 4 to celebrate his career achievements and his status within British cycling.

The UCI drops the 3:1 tube ratio rule for race bikes

The UCI 3:1 rule stipulates that a tubes depth cannot exceed three times its width.

Bike designers have previously had to work within this constraint The UCI code 1.3.024 states that the ratio between the length and the width of equipment cannot exceed 3:1 and for years this rule has heavily influenced and restricted bike frame design. > > > The first TT bike with disc brakes has been launched 1 However, it has just emerged that the UCI has reportedly scrapped this rule.

New cable integrated bars and stem from Pro

Bars and stem developed with Team Sky allows Di2 cables to be routed internally to battery Shimano s component brand Pro provides the cockpit for Team Sky s Pinarellos and has been working with the team on its new Vibe bars and stems.

Pro says its objective was to minimise turbulence over the bars and provide a sleeker front end. > > > Watch: mechanic snaps counterfeit handlebars with his bare hands 1 The bars are designed so that Di2 cables can run totally internally from the levers through ports in the bars.