Irishman shot dead on Majorca holiday island in ‘mistaken identity’ gang attack

An Irishman has been shot dead on a family Discount Holidays © holiday in Majorca1, in a suspected gangland killing gone wrong.

Civil Guard officers said the victim was shot dead just after 9pm on Wednesday in the resort of Costa de la Calma in south-west Majorca.

“The person who fired the shots escaped,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the perpetrator did not shoot anyone else. An all-ports-warning and roadblocks are in place in the area. There was no official confirmation the unnamed Irishman, believed to be in his 30s, was the victim of mistaken identity.

But respected island daily Diario de Mallorca said Civil Guard officers were focusing on the theory he had been shot four times in the back outside an empty supermarket after being mistaken for another man because of their likeness. A suspect in a blue hoodie was seen fleeing the scene, although detectives are understood to be looking for two accomplices.

A witness said the man was gunned down in front of his family. The woman, who asked not to be named, said: There was a large group of them, the man who was shot, his wife, four of their children, and other adults including a male friend and two other women.

There must have been around eight to ten of them in all.”

She added: I saw the gunman walk past the shop and heard the shots seconds later before he ran back down the road past the shop towards the beach and a well-known beach bar at the bottom of the road.

It was pandemonium at first. People were screaming and running in all directionsWitness

He had tracksuit bottoms on and a blue tracksuit top with the number 23 in white on the back and the hood on his tracksuit drawn up tightly round his face.

You couldn t really see anything of him because he was so covered up.

It was pandemonium at first. People were screaming and running in all directions.

The wife of the man that was shot had one of their children, who must have been aged around seven, in a pushchair that she was wheeling along when the victim was gunned down.”

The Costa del Sol and Ireland has been rocked by a series of tit-for-tat killings blamed on feuding Irish gangs.


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Ancelotti building off-field relationships during Bayern’s US tour

The manager is preparing his team for a run at another Bundesliga title but is also using the International Champions Cup to get acclimated with others around the club

Ancelotti Building Off-field Relationships During Bayern's US TourCOMMENT

Carlo Ancelotti has been through this before. He’s come into a new club, a big club with a long tradition of success, and he’s largely been able to continue that tradition, sometimes even writing new chapters in the storied history of the clubs. So with his Bayern Munich team’s preseason preparation in full swing, and a match with Inter on Saturday, Ancelotti has his eyes trained on both the big picture and the little details. The manager said after his team’s penalty shootout defeat to AC Milan in their International Champions Cup opener that fitness and conditioining is the most important thing on the field, especially because so many of his players remain in Europe on Discount Holidays © holiday after Euro 2016. But also important to the Italian tactician is building relationships with not just his players but with everyone involved with the Bavarians.

“I think as a manager the relationship with a player is the most important part but also the people that are working with you, for you, in the club. Not only the players.,” Ancelotti said. “The key of success at one club is to build a strong relationship with the club, with the players, with the staff and also with the supporters. It will be fantastic.”

Ancelotti has made a strong first impression, with defender David Alaba telling Goal the Italian is “a really cool guy.”1 Centre-back Holger Badstuber described the manager as “calm,” while forward Julian Green said he’s “the perfect coach”2 to lead the Bundesliga champions.

“He s really friendly, a top-class manager,” midfielder Arturo Vidal told Goal on Friday. “It s a privilege to have him here as a manager, and we re going to try to take advantage of that and do things well so we can win everything.”

Ancelotti Building Off-field Relationships During Bayern's US Tour

Ancelotti Building Off-field Relationships During Bayern's US Tour

Part of the reason the coach has won over his players is his track record for success, but the other is Ancelotti’s style of valuing face time and conversation with his charges. The pre-season tour, which provides more downtime than the typical European season with its rigid schedule that brings weekly matches and frequent midweek games, has been the perfect medium for Ancelotti to get to know the Bayern players and the people around the team.

“This is a good time for this because we have more time to spend together,” he said. “Yesterday, we went to a beautiful steakhouse and had fun for two hours. Apart from the relationship with the players, it s important to have time to build these relationships. I m really enjoying the staff because they have humble people who work hard. So up to now, everything has been OK.”

The tactician will have more relationships to build once the team returns to Europe and is joined by some of its brightest stars, but Ancelotti is doing his best to make clear that every person, every moving part, will be important during the slog the season can become.

Ancelotti said he’s looking forward to seeing his former team-mate and current Inter coach Roberto Mancini on Saturday, but again hinted that the result of the contest would come second to the concepts he’s looking to instill in his team. Ancelotti hopes the personal touch with his players and staff at Bayern will get everyone pulling in the same direction, the direction that leads to more titles for Bayern’s trophy case. Even though it’s a scenario he’s lived out before, it’s one he’d be more than happy to go through again.


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TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches normally packed with Brit tourists are now DESERTED as holidaymakers shun Turkey …

The resort of Antalya is in crisis as beaches lie empty after the attempted military coup last weekend

THESE photos of empty sunloungers and deserted beaches show how tourists have deserted Turkey in their droves just days after a failed coup against the country s president. Hundreds of holidaymakers are understood to have cancelled their bookings after a section of the Turkish military attempted to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, although these cancellations do not guarantee any sort of refund. 1

TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...


Lara beach in Antalya, Turkey normally a tourist hot spot it s now deserted TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...


Empty sunloungers tourists stay away despite it being deemed safe by the coast

Tour firms have been inundated with calls from worried tourists wanting a refund in the wake of the bloody coup, in which more than 250 civilians were killed. A spokesman for ABTA said: Following reports of an attempted military coup in Turkey, the situation remains fluid.

The vast majority of British travellers to Turkey will fly directly to the beach resorts on the south coast which are hundreds of miles away from Istanbul and Ankara.

TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...


Unused parasol as travellers demand refunds from firms following coup TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...


Pics of empty beaches indicate that Turkey s tourism will be hit hard this summer

But pictures of empty beaches in the resort of Antalya indicate Turkey s tourism industry will be hit hard after the attempted coup which saw up to 50,000 British holidaymakers left fearing for their safety. Specialist Turkish travel agents say the failed military takeover will have a huge financial impact on their businesses.


Brits cancelling summer breaks after failed military coup WON’T get refunds


Turkey coup attempt plotters face execution as Turkish PM considers death penalty


Airport chaos of Brits trapped in Turkey as country comes to terms with aftermath of attempted coup

will chaos spark migrant surge?

Turmoil in wake of ‘coup’ could scupper EU-Turkey migrant deal


Turkey parades coup ‘plotters’ as Merkel threatens EU ban over plan to execute them

the sun on sunday says

After two days of terror and political violence, it’s time to talk Turkey

Britons, who had expected to spend their days enjoying themselves in the sun, reported hearing gunfire and explosions, admitting they were left petrified among crowds of people crying and screaming. Itir Sokmen, of London-based Tulip Holidays, said: We ve had dozens of people wanting to delay or cancel flights.

It s been terrible.

TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...

Getty Images

Holidaymakers last year pictured at the same beach packed TOURIST NOT SPOT Beaches Normally Packed With Brit Tourists Are Now DESERTED As Holidaymakers Shun Turkey ...


Now it lies empty

Just days ago Twitter users posted pictures of the quiet beaches as they waited to return home after being left stranded in the aftermath of the incident.

Quiet day on the beach in Antalya, Turkey. Today we hopefully go home as planned. pic.twitter.com/YEXbxxTeKE2

Ulf Sunnberg (@ulfsunnberg) July 16, 20163

Angela Bailey, 46, from Essex, said: No news being given out by hotel staff we are having to use social media to find out anything, flight is tonight from Antalya so just waiting now.

Nowhere near as many people out and about or on the beach, so obviously a sense of wariness.

A few people are in the water, but this time yesterday both sides of the beach were packed. The Foreign Office has relaxed its travel advice for Britons visiting the country.


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