The cheapest holiday destinations in Europe

Antalya is one of the cheapest cities for a break in Europe, with the average hotel room priced at 34.30/night.

muratart/Shutterstock 1 Travelling around Europe can be expensive.

But there are a number of affordable cities you can visit, according to recent data from airport transfer website Hoppa 2 that reveals the cheapest places for a holiday on the continent

World’s largest hotel set to open in Mecca

The world’s largest hotel is currently being built in Mecca and is set to open next year.

The Abraj Kudia is costing 2.7 billion to build (funded by the Saudi Ministry of Finance) and will have 10,000 rooms over 1.4 million square metres, reports The Sun 1 .

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British ‘take eight pairs of pants on holiday’

The average Briton heading off on a week’s holiday has six pairs of socks, seven T-shirts, four pairs of shorts, two pairs of sandals, two towels and eight pairs of underpants stuffed in their suitcase, a survey has found.

Britons also typically pack two swimsuits, two bottles of sun cream, two pairs of trainers or shoes, one jumper, a pair of sunglasses and a hat, Nationwide FlexPlus found.

Many also like to have their home comforts on their trip, with around one in 10 (9%) taking tea bags with them to their destination.